avan Wadeyar is back and let there be no doubt that he has managed to give another good film. He is turning out to be good at doing films with simple plots but elaborate screenplay and interesting narratives. Jessie is different from his other films. It is not a complete comedy or romantic like his previous films. It is actually a romantic horror story.

The film is about Dr Nandini a fresher doctor. She lives in Malgudi with her parents. She is beautiful and many are in lobe with her. But she is not interested. But finally one boy is able to make her say "I love you too." But there is a twist when she realises that the boy is not really what she thinks he is. A shocking realisation comes over. Her parents have also found a different match for her and she is caught between being a good wife and a longing lover. But there is horror in store for her in the city. The post interval part of the film has some horror too. Horror is the main part of the entertainment after that.

The film has excellent performances by all the actors. There aren't too many characters. There are only about 12 characters who have noticeable dialogues. But the director manages to tell a story in these limitations turned into an engrossing film.

Among the actors Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee stand out. Though Dhananjay is the star, his role is quite different from what is expected. He is the hero and villain rolled into one. Among the behind the screen crew the camera.

avan Wadeyar’s latest directorial venture Jessie will release on March 25, which is a holiday on account of Good Friday. The film is produced by R S Productions and it stars Dhananjaya, Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee in lead roles.

Director Wadeyar has gone on record to say that Jessie sports the right mixture of sound and visuals and opines that a 40:60 proportion of visual and sound is right for a film. He said he has used Dolby Atmos technology for the first which will be a first for Kannada film. However, most theatres will not be equipped to exhibit the film in the new technology. Wadeyar says Atmos can support 120 tracks at a time and can work to a large extent in cinemas that have Dolby.

Gita Gurappa has worked as sound engineer for the film. She had worked with Anoop Seelin in a Tamil film previously and has said Anoop’s background score is beautiful in Jessie. 

Jessie is the name of the hero, a Christian boy played by Dhananjaya and Parul plays a Brahmin girl in the movie. The movie is a love triangle with Raghu Mukherjee playing the other guy. Pavan Wadeyar says the film also explores how love changes once religion comes into play.

uneeth Rajkumar, Sa Ra Govindu, Yogaraj Bhat and Rajendra Singh Babu together did the honours of releasing Jessy’s music album at a function on Sunday evening. Anoop Seelin has scored the music. Jessy, a romantic film written and directed by Pavan Wadeyar has completed its shoot in Mysuru, Ooty and Tokadi Falls. The film stars Dhananjaya, Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee in lead roles. The film is produced by Kanakapura Srinivas under the RS Productions banner.

Pavan Wadeyar said the film is at the post-production stage. He said producer had agreed to fund the film without even listening to the story.

Yogaraj Bhat said Pavan Wadeyar’s presentation and taste for good music is evident and added that the director had achieved success so quickly and is already in his fifth milestone.

Rajendra Singh Babu said he would like to congratulate Pavan for achieving success so early. He termed Pavan as a handsome director. He said producers like Kanakapura Srinivas should be encouraged as a number of people will earn livelihood if a film production begins.

Sa Ra Govindu wished the director and the team of Jessy good luck.

Dhananjaya said he heard the story for the film while he was shooting in Malaysia. He said picturisation of the movie is good and added that the director was not satisfied until he got the shot right.

Puneeth Rajkumar said the helmet song was good and wished the team good luck.

Rangayana Raghu said R Srinivas introduced him as an actor in Kannada cinema and termed him as a kingmaker. He said Dhananjaya was a different kind of an actor.

Parul Yadav said she got introduced into Kannada cinema through Pavan Wadeyar. She said she had done all kinds of roles excepting a romantic one which she got to do through this film.

Raghu Mukherjee who was referred to as Kannada cinema’s Salman Khan said Pavan Wadeyar had narrated the story to him as if it was a comedy. He said he thought it was a comedy film but the director said Jessy is a serious love story.

Clippings of some songs were shown on the occasion.

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