Narayan began work on his 50th film as director on Thursday evening at Ramanagara with the launch of ‘JD’. The film stars Jagadish Gowda of Ramanagara in the lead role. Satya Hegde is the cameraman. Manikanth Kadri is scoring the music and Imran Sardaria is the choreographer. Ravi Verma will be the stunt director.

Director S Narayan told reporters that he was happy about his journey and his 50th film but was not satisfied as he said he has a number of unfulfilled dreams. He said his dreams may get fructified with his 51st film.

He thanked cinematographer R Giri for showing him the way and S V Rajendra Singh Babu for introducing him to his mentor Bhargava. He said he has worked in all directorial departments since 30 years and has been a director since 25 years. He also thanked PRO Nagendra for guiding him and helping him stay afloat. Narayan thanked the industry for their support during these years.

He said JD will be a special film in his career. The film will be special story-wise and for its narration, budget and characterization besides it being more technically advanced. He said JD will be a big budget film that is likely to cross Rs 25 crore. He said he agreed to direct the film after JD came up with a story and screenplay for the film.

Narayan said the film will have 32 senior artistes in the cast and will require about 120 to 130 days of shoot. He said the film will impact common man and touch people’s hearts. He said he is eyeing a release for April or May in 2017.

Jagadish Gowda, a political aspirant and a young leader in the making who producing and playing the lead role based on his own story said the name says it all. He said the film has no relation whatsoever between the title and his name.

He wanted to make just one film for passion and thus began work on a subject that would suit the audiences. He said there is a hero in everyone and that he wanted to show that heroism. Gowda said he wanted to give something to the audiences and termed the story as a revolutionary one.

Gowda clarified that there was no political line or colour to the movie. A team of technologists from Hollywood will work on the film, he said. The heroine of the movie is yet to be finalised.

The shoot for the film will begin in August. He said it was decided to launch the movie on the day as it was also his birthday.

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