annada film Jagruthi will release on December 9 in only Sapna theatre in Bengaluru. The film is written and directed by Anantarayappa. Jagruthi is a film that turns the spotlight on the importance of exercising the peoples’ right to vote and elect the right people to the government.

Director Anantarayappa said the film does not boast of a known star cast or a director that would attract people to see such films. But, he said he has drawn performances from theatre artistes who have given their best. He said the film will release in Sapna theatre and run on an experimental basis for 15 days which is meant to create public opinion about the voters’ rights. He said he plans to release the film all over the state in a phased manner.

The director said there is a lot of discussion on corruption issues, black money and people throw out governments to give opportunity to another government. He said a sincere effort has been made to provide solutions to the problems that plagues our Indian society. The director who has also acted as the chief minister in the movie said there is no concept of hero and no glorification of any person. He said the story is message oriented.

Mandya Jayaram said there is a message for society in the film. Rama Rao said the film is sans gimmicks and technical but the director’s commitment is evident in choosing such a theme for a film subject.

Ashwin Kumar said the film dwells upon bringing in right people to rule the country and so it is the citizens responsibility to exercise their franchise properly.

Stamp Venkatesh also spoke on the occasion. Cameraman Suresh said it was an effort to bring in a lot of people for the shoot.

Former minister Motamma and Prof Seethamma have also acted in the movie.

agruthi, a Kannada film that is meant to create awareness about the people’s electoral rights to fight corrupt is ready for release. The film is produced and directed by Ananthrayappa, a lawyer by profession and has invested Rs.1.25 crore on the project. His friends have also assisted him.

 Ananthrayappa told reporters that the film Jagruthi is all about the prevailing corruption in public life. He said the film is meant to create awareness about the need for people to exercise their franchise in electing the right candidates and thereby eradicate corruption.

The film has a number of experienced theatre artistes but he admitted that there is no known face, he said. Jagruthi film is not a hero-oriented film but a subject-oriented film. The film is based on a play written by Ananthrayappa who has adapted it to cinema.

The producer-director said he plans to take up his second film Moudya soon after Jagruthi is released.

Music composer Sameer Kulkarni said the Jagruthi is a no-nonsense film and it is made to the point. He said it is an educative film with no unwanted scenes in it. The film has four songs.  

The film stars Mandya Jayaram, Stamp Venkatesh, Ananthrayappa, Rama Rao, Hanumantharaju, Shivakumar and Nagaraj Rao among others. Motamma, Prof Seethamma, Dr L Hanumanthaiah, D S Veerayya, Gudihalli Nagaraj, Dr Jayasri, LN Mukundaraj, Purushottam Das have made guest appearances in the film. Dattatreya Guptha, Achchu Sureshand V K Shiva Putra have worked as cinematographers.
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