he production team of ‘Dance Tranz..Power of Dance’, a tentative title for a dance-based trilingual film (Kannada, Telugu and Hindi) set the ball rolling by beginning pre-production work on the movie. The new movie which will be produced under the banner Shalabh Kumar-Daler Mehendi (SKDM) International is making the movie which will be directed and choreographed by Imran Sardariya.

Shalabh Kumar, a US-based Punjabi business magnate along with singer Daler Mehendi will produce the movie that will be based on popular dance drama Billy Elliot.

Shalabh Kumar told journalists that the movie’s theme is dance and added that he is penning the storyline of the film. He said the film will be extensively shot in the US and Bengaluru. He said he loves music and dance and is a regular dancer that keeps him distressed and healthy. Shalabh Kumar said he fell in love with Kannada language after his son Vikram married beauty pageant winner Pooja Chitgopekar, a girl from Bengaluru in 2011.

Daler Mehendi said the project is being made for the love of music and dance and not a money-making exercise. He said the two of them – himself and Shalabh Kumar  came together for the love of music. He said he is composing three songs for the movie.

Choreographer Imran Sardariya who is directing the movie said Harikrishna will be scoring the music and Janardhan Maharshi will be penning the screenplay. The film will have 17 characters including two male protagonists and two female protagonists all being selected through auditions. All the characters who will be selected through auditions will be dancers.

Jack Manju who is co-producing the movie said they have received about 4,000 photographs of artistes aspiring to be part of the project and more than 10,000 calls from candidates. He said dance academies have also been alerted to send their best talents. Manju said the best 100 of them will be selected and a competition will be held to select the best among them. All those selected in the initial round will take part in a dance-based reality show that is being made just for the film. 

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