dolle Ramayana, a film produced and directed by Prakash Rai which also has him playing the lead role with Priya Mani has taken a good opening at the multiplexes and select single screens all over the state.

Prakash Rai told journalists that it was a thanksgiving meet and not a success meet as such. He thanked the media for encouraging his third directorial film and also for bringing in the audiences to theatres. He said his responsibility towards the medium had increased with the patronage that his film had got. He wait we need to wait for our people to watch our films.

He said the film is proof of how a woman can bring a man around. He said Idolle Ramayana has a good new story and a fresh screenplay. He said it was necessary for newcomers to get all the encouragement.

Distributor Jack Manju said the film has collected well in multiplexes.

Shailaja Nag said Idolle Ramayana will pick up further as it was the case before and hoped that the film would become a hit.

Achyuth Kumar said he was happy to be part of Rai’s experiment in his third film with the actor-director.  Aravind and Jogi also spoke on the occasion. Priya Mani was not present at the meet. 

roducer Rockline Venkatesh launched the audio of Prakash Rai’s forthcoming film Iddolle Ramayana at a function in Bengaluru. The film’s theatrical trailer was also launched on the occasion. The bilingual film which is produced and directed by Prakash Rai is all set to release on October 7 in Kannada and Telugu as Manaoori Ramayanam. Jack Manju and Yogish Dwarakish are distributing the film under their banner Mysuru Talkies.

Iddolle Ramayana stars Prakash Rai, Priya Mani, Achyuth, Rangayana Raghu, Ramesh Pandit and Aravind among others. The film is a culmination of efforts of five national award winners – Prakash Rai, Priya Mani, Ilayaraja, editor Srikar Prasad and art director Shashidhar Adapa.

Distributors Jack Manju and Yogish Dwarakish said they were more than anxious to distribute the film as it involves Prakash Rai who narrated the story to them and brought them on board. Distributors said finding theatres for the film was more to do friendship and less of a business deal.

Yogaraj Bhat said Ilayaraja and Prakash Rai were symbols of creativity and likened Rai to a rakshasa who was energetic and at the same time indebted to his home state at every opportunity.

Shylaja Nag who represented Dbeats said the company was proud to be associated with a brand name called Prakash Raj although the movie has just one song in it. Senior journalist Vijayamma recalled Prakash Rai’s initial days of struggle and how K Balachander had called her asking for Prakash’s contact. Ramesh Pandit also praised Prakash Rai’s dedication.

Prakash Rai said he was on the look out for a story before he saw a Malayalam film that inspired him to rewrite to give it his own spin. He said he is confident that the film’s concept will find audiences acceptance. Three of them in the film are stuck and how they wriggle out of the situation before they transform themselves forms the crux of the film, he said. He praised Priya Mani’s performance and likened her to a river in the movie which is difficult to decipher.

Senior journalist Girish Rao alias Jogi said he would lose Prakash’s friendship if he accepted Prakash’s offer to pen the dialogues. Jogi said Rai had given him a lot of freedom and that every scene was discussed after the dialogues were written. He said he did not want to take credit for the dialogues.

Rockline Venkatesh said Prakash Rai is an inspiration to him as the actor found time to indulge in so many activities. Aravind said working with Prakash Rai was like a five-star lunch as he found it difficult to decide what to take. 

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