bbaru BTech Students Journey began its shoot last week and is progressing at a brisk pace. The first schedule of the shoot will go on till the end of the month in Bengaluru and its surroundings including Nandi Hills. The film is produced by Srinivas Yadav and P Vinay Kumar and directed by Vemuganti while it is presented by distributor Devendra Reddy. The film stars newcomers Krishnam Raju and Kiran Chatwani besides Veena Sundar, Ravikiran and Adi Lokesh among others. Manohar is the cameraman.  

Producer Yadav who has made two Telugu films said the movie has a meaningful story and is being made on a small budget.

Telugu director Vemuganti who is debuting in Kannada cinema said he liked the Kannada film industry and added that the producer heard the story before agreeing to produce it. He said parents roles in the film is important and why do the students who get engaged go on a journey is a suspense. The director said more concentration is on the subject and there is a message in the climax. He said Kannada audiences have been encouraging good subjects and welcoming newcomers. He said this film will have less dialogues, more expressions and action. He said he eyes an April release for the film.

Vemuganti has made nine Telugu films out of which four of them have won Nandi Awards. His film Ganga in Telugu had won four state (Nandi) awards.

Veena Sundar said she plays a mother to the hero and the film is about how parents become friends to their children. She said the hero and heroine get engaged but need space to understand and know each other before they take the next step. She said the two embark on a journey to find out for themselves if they could be compatible with each other.

Ravikiran said his role is that of hero’s father who faces difficulties and problems in dealing with his son. He said it has been a long while since he got to act in a film. He said he was glad to be working with Veena Sundar who was experienced and added that it would require an effort to act well with her.

Krishnam Raju who is debuting in Kannada said he has acted in a Telugu and a Tamil film each which are yet to be released. He said he plays a hardware engineer and enjoys the support of his parents in whatever he does. He said he gives his parents the freedom to choose a girl for him and a software engineer is found for him.

Kiran Chatwani said it is her first movie in Kannada and her first visit to Bengaluru. She said she has done a Telugu film.

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