he audio of ‘Happy Married Life’ was released at a function in Bengaluru on Friday evening. Former minister Aravind Nimbavali and former MLA Venkata Shiva Reddy released the film’s audio along with a few other politicos and film personalities.

Happy Married Life is written and directed by Anand Vattar who has also penned the lyrics and worked as a cinematographer. The film is produced by Mallesh N K who has also acted in the lead role. C J Anil has scored the music.

Director Anand said people were critical about the poster which put the heart in the brain’s place and vice-versa. He said people said a lot of things about marrying off donkeys. But, the director clarified that the film will definitely answer all these questions. He said as the title suggests it is a marriage related story that starts from the second half. Families separate due to trivial issues and how they reunite forms the rest of the story. He said the film shows education plays an important role in people’s lives.

He said nobody turned out to pen the lyrics and so he ended up writing all the seven songs. Anand said he had already been a cinematographer for the last eight years and so he did work as one for his own film.

Giriraj B M said he has been getting good roles as an actor. He said he was happy with the dialogues and added that the director was promising going by his portion that was shot.

Music composer Anil said the film has seven songs and added he had used live instruments during the recording as much as possible. He said the songs are situational based and it took two to three months to complete the recording.

Producer Mallesh who has acted in the film said director had drawn a good performance from him.

Sumana who has acted as the heroine said she plays the hero’s wife in the film. Twisha said her parents encouraged her to go for the audition to play the role that she got. She said she plays an innocent village girl in the film. P Gopal also spoke.

Priyanka Rao, Gajapade Harsha, Dharma Keerthiraj were among those who came to wish the team. 

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