‘Haaro Hakki’, a children’s film focused on child psychology and based on real incidents will release all over Karnataka on July 22. The film is produced by D Shashi Kumar of Brain Centre in association with Blossoms School. The film is directed by Nagaraj Arehole and it stars Master Shruthidhara, Baby Shreya and Master Ranjith Krishna along with Prabhakar, Ganesh Rao, Ashok, Ramesh Babu, Rajdeep, Rekha Sagar, Shailaja Manjunath and Vishwaranga Shilpi among others. Madhura Nayara has scored the music which has just one song sung by Sathwi Jain and R P Reddy has worked as the cinematographer.

Producer Shashi Kumar told journalists that the film is about a kid who gets into trouble in school and runs away from home only to land in fresh mess with anti-social elements. Shashi Kumar said the film is a lesson for kids not to run away from their homes and also to the parents to look after their children well.

Director Nagaraj Arehole said the film creates social awareness about runaway kids and it is close to reality with a message for the kids not to run away.

Ganesh Rao has acted as a cop. Ashok and Rekha Sagar have acted parents of the runaway kid played by Shruthidhara. Ramesh Babu who is himself a parent of a grown-up runaway kid in his real life has acted in the movie as an astrologer. Chirag S Jain has appeared in a key role. Prabhakar and Kuldeep have worked as villains in the movie.

Producer Shashi Kumar and director Nagaraj Arehole said veteran actress M Leelavathi and her son Vinod Raj have watched the movie and expressed their appreciation to it. The mother and son’s comments have been used as footage in the movie.

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