he audio of the film ‘Haakida Hejje’ that will bring back memories of Vishnuvardhan again was released at a function in Bengaluru. The film is produced by corporator M D Parthasarathy (popularly known as Pathy in Mysuru) who is also a die-hard fan of the late actor. The film is co-produced by Gowtham Shet. Producer Parthasarathy has himself written the story.

The film is directed by stuntman Vikram who has turned director with this film. Haakida Hejje stars Preetham and Amrutha Iyengar in lead roles. Junior Vishnuvardhan, a theatre artiste whose name is Jayashri Raj is appearing as Vishnuvardhan in the movie.

Producer Parthasarathy said an adopted son of Vishnuvardhan returns to India from abroad which is when the story begins. The film has 18 minutes of computer graphics work that will put Vishnuvardhan’s real form and merge it with Junior Vishnuvardhan’s performance without specifying details about the film. Parthasarathy said he has made the film as a humble worker and Vishnuvardhan’s fan and not as a producer.

Parthasarathy and Manju Ravi have written the lyrics for five songs. Hari Babu has composed music. Pawan of Maja Talkies has danced to a liquor number for the first time. R K Shivakumar is the cameraman. Ravishankar Nag has written the dialogues.

Jayashri Raj said he is glad that a producer who is a die-hard fan of Vishnuvardhan has invited an actor like himself who imitates the late actor to act in a film as the late actor. He said care was taken not to lower the late actor’s image and added that permission from Bharathi was also taken.

Amrutha Iyengar who is studying psychology in her final year degree in Mysuru plays the female lead. She said it was her first film in which she plays a journalist who catches the ministers red-handed before meeting the hero. Preetham who is playing the male lead said he plays the adopted son of Vishnuvardhan in the film who is London returned.

Music composer Hari Babu said the movie has five songs including an item number sung by Mamatha Sharma. Anand Audio has acquired the music rights of the film.

Suresh Babu, a pharmacist working in a government department was felicitated for not taking a single day’s leave for six years even in the most trying circumstances. Suresh Babu is a big fan of Vishnuvardhan.

The film is expected to release in time to co-incide with the late actor’s birth anniversary in September. Dubbing work for the movie has been completed.

Sharat Lohitashva, Shobhraj, Pawan, Tabla Naani and Sangeetha among others are also in the cast.

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