hen I was about 8 years of age, my father was employed at a theatre, in our small village. My love for the film industry started at that tender age. Initially, it started as a passion for acting. For, that is the face and I got to see only that. Through the years, although my dad changed his profession and got into business, my interest remained undeterred (focused).Despite advice from elders, to focus on studies, my interest towards acting did not fade. On their insistence, I somehow, completed my MBA.

It took me a good years' time to divulge my interest in acting, to my family. But in the meantime, they had understood my intentions and although not whole heartedly, agreed to my decision. I ran around for one whole year, in the pursuit of becoming an actor, in vain.

It was during this period that I got to know about editing and developed an inquisitive interest in the field. I shared this thought with my cousin, Shekar chandra, an accomplished cinematographer and he put me on to his editor friend, Mr. Shrikanth Shroff, who took me into his fold as an assistant. I worked with him for 3 years, during which he meticulously taught me the art of editing.

My first project as an assistant editor was 'Mumbai connection', which won 4 international awards. This marked the beginning of my career in editing. After more than 50 corporate films, documentaries and Ad. Films, I got my first opportunity to edit a song for a Kannada movie, thanks to music director, Vasu Dikshit. It was there that I got to meet Naresh Kumar, who was the associate director of the film.

Due to our mutual passion for films, I got introduced to Naresh's likeminded friends Ashwin Kodange, Thrilok, Hemantharjun and Praveen to name a few. We all had similar goals and aspirations but diverse talents. Cinematographers, artists, directors etc., who all formed a Team: "Team Cam-Sutra”. It was with this team that my passion pursued.

After a disappointing two year struggle for an opportunity to make a film, we made a short promotional video along with Gurunandan, playing the main character of our story and uploaded it on YouTube. As luck would have it, the video became viral and was noticed by brothers, Badrinath and Manjunath Kandkur. It was their willingness to produce the feature film and continual support that we came up with First Rank Raju. The film did well and successfully thronged the theatres for 100 days. The team is coming up with more films in the near future.

As of now, although, I am keeping my passion for acting accomplished by enacting small character roles, I am happier working as an editor. I am Thankful to God, for the three film projects, I am working on and also Director Shashank who gave me an opportunity to work with his new project, Mungaaru Male 2..
Giri Mahesh
Film Editor

-Cinecircle News

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