annada film Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu that opened on Friday is running successfully thanks to positive media reviews and backed by good performances by Anant Nag, Sruthi Hariharan, Rakshit Shetty and Vasista in Hemanth Rao’s directorial debut.

Director Hemanth M Rao told reporters on Tuesday that audiences in theatres stood up and clapped for Anant Nag’s performance which was unusual and thanked media for the encouraging reviews.

Anant Nag said audiences have begun to appreciate the movie and encourage it. He said he was once again happy to read so many positive media reviews. He said he has taken the media reviews and kept the clippings of them even though it sounded a bit childish. Anant Nag said the media had always supported and encouraged good films right from 1970s since the time he became an actor. He said he grew up in coastal Karnataka and spent a number of years in Mumbai but when he came to Bengaluru he had no friends. The senior and veteran actor said it was journalists who became his friends in Bengaluru.

Referring to his role in the film he recalled Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman which he wanted to do in his younger days. His mentor Satyadev Dubey he said told him to wait till he turns 45 or 55 to portray the role. Anant Nag said the role that he got in Godhi Banna…was way beyond his expectation of the character in the play that he wanted to portray. He said he walked the role as it overpowered his own personality leaving behind his pride and prejudice.

Anant Nag said he was also surprised about Nandakishore’s camerawork who never used lights for the night shoot. He said he also did not imagine the movie had songs but when he saw the trailer he thought the songs were apt and situational. He said positive media reviews were unprecedented and so uniform that it was a rare phenomenon to see.

Rakshit Shetty said his seventh film Godhi Banna…is truly a success and added that if he had to look back gone into the future this film would rank among his best.

Producer Pushkar said the journey of the film’s making started in 2014 with an earmarked budget of Rs 40 lakh. Hemanth Rao was the producer who wanted to chip in Rs 25 lakh and had asked him to put in the rest. He said they wanted to do a low budget film but he was so impressed with director’s attitude that the script was developed positively and it became a fairly medium budget film. The producer said he had turned producer by then and Hemanth became co-producer. But, now he said he is the only producer but made the film in Hemanth’s banner. Anant Nag and Hemanth Rao are the real heroes of the film he said.

He said they had spent Rs 2.5 crore on the making of the film including the promotion. He said the response to the movie was encouraging even outside Bengaluru that he said they plan to add another 60 theatres next week. The producer said the film will also release outside Karnataka and overseas. He appreciated sound designer Rajakrishnan for capturing the sounds in its truest form.  

 Vasista Simha said he remembers every shot of the movie and the incidents that go with the movie but not exactly the dates when they were done. He said he saw Achyuth becoming the next Anant Nag down the line.

Sruthi Hariharan said he was gratified to see how a critically acclaimed film was doing well commercially. She said she did sign some films for the money but her role in the movie was truly meant to be something close to her heart.

‘Godhi Banna Sadharana Maikattu’, a film that stars Anant Nag, Rakshit Shetty, Shruthi Hariharan and Vasistha is getting ready for a release soon. The film had its audio launch on the Internet on March 16 and the film has nine songs all of which have been treated as background numbers. The film is directed by debutant Hemanth M Rao and produced by Pushkar Mallikarjunaiah.

Director Hemanth Rao told journalists that the story for the film was inspired by the announcements made by Doordarshan in 1980s about missing persons. He said he was keenly watching one of the common descriptions of people who had gone missing and noticed that if they weren’t found, another picture of the missing person would be flashed in the announcement the following day.

He said the film is based on father-son relationship and what the son undergoes when his father who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease goes missing. He said there is a distance in most families between the father and son and it is the mother who mediates between the two. He said he was overwhelmed by Anant Nag’s performance so much that he often forgot to call the shot ‘cut’.

Anant Nag said he was impressed with the script and the dialogues. He said he worked for about 10 or 11 days but he got so involved in the story because the director had made a lot of reading. He regretted that there was a drought for deep rooted stories, effective screenplay and characterization but expressed confidence that the film was different from the usual commercial formula.

Anant Nag said the film runs on three tracks and another one with some interesting intercuts.

Rakshit Shetty said the movie was one of the best scripts he had visited. He said the film had social and emotional appeal. He said the film gave him a new thought and dimension to father-son relationship including the equation with his own father.

Producer Pushkar said the film will be released through Jayanna Combines and when the distributors decide it is the right time to do so.

Vasistha said he never went home on time during the shoot. He said the film had given job satisfaction as an actor and was overwhelmed when Anant Nag appreciated him while helping him to come into his own.

Shruthi Hariharan said the title and the music of the film evoked a lot of curiosity and she added that the film is about finding oneself and self-realisation.

Music composer Charan Raj said there were 10 songs in the movie out of which nine of them have been used as background scores. He said the music takes the story forward and all the songs are now available on hungama, itunes and Youtube. He said one song was also aired on BBC Radio.

Cinematographer Nandakishore said the movie has broken all formulas and conventions in its making and it cannot be put under one genre of cinema.

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