annada film Gandhi Class mounted the sets early this week in Bengaluru. The film is produced by Vijayakumar who is also acting in the movie. Kamal Sarathi who has been a dialogue writer is directing the film. The film stars Chakri, Meghashri, Sudha Rani, Sharath Lohitaswa and Dinakar Toogudeepa in key roles.

Director Sarathi told journalists that the film title does not mean third class as is known to the Indians. He said the film is about Gandhian principles which have certain amount of class. The film is about an innocent guy from Hubballi who encounters three people – Sudha Rani from the world of glamour, Sharath Lohitaswa who is a politician and Dinakar Toogudeepa who plays a cop and how they pull him to the lives that is currently led. Chakri who had acted in 1st Rank Raju is playing the lead. Meghashri plays the girl next door in the movie and is the heroine of the movie.

Director Sarathi said there are obstacles for doing good things in society.

Rock Ravi is scoring the music. Mohan of Karva fame is the cameraman. The film will be shot mostly in Bengaluru. Cameraman Mohan said Class in the title has a different meaning and the film gives us an essence of Gandhi’s philosophy.

Dinakar Toogudeepa said he plays a corrupt cop in the movie that has negative shades. Recently, he has acted in his brother Darshan’s film Chakravarthi.

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