‘Ee Kalarava’ will release on June 2 all over Karnataka in about 50 to 60 theatres. The film is being distributed by Kumar. The film has got a U/A certificate from the censors. The film has three songs for which Peter Joseph has scored the music. Kumaran G is the cameraman. The film is produced by Mahadeve Gowda and directed by Sandeep Daksha. The film stars Naveen Krishna, Rohini Bharadwaj, Rashmi, Niharika and Mysuru Shobha among others.

Producer Mahadeve Gowda said the film has been shot entirely in a village on a budget of just about Rs 1 crore. He said the film has all the goings-on in the village that is characteristic of rural living. He said the heroines though are new have acted naturally in the movie. He praised Naveen Krishna’s dialogue delivery.

Director Sandeep Daksha said the film is a love story and a comedy with elements of mafia without specifying details. He said the film deals with an incident that is unseen before and how the hero solves it forms the part of the story. He said the film also shows uniquely how the hero professes his love to his girl and wins her. He said the movie has a screenplay that is unpredictable that will be difficult for any intelligent viewer to predict. He said it is a challenge that the team has taken up that the audiences will not be able to predict what will happen in the next scene.

Naveen Krishna who is busy directing a teleserial could not make it to the meet. 

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