1, a new Kannada film that stars director A R Ramesh himself in the lead has completed its shoot and post-production work and is ready to go to the censors. The film stars Samhita Shah and Sindhu (also one of the producers) in the female lead and is produced by nine of them with Mohan Shetty and R Mariswamy, a hard core Rajkumar fan being the main ones. Mohan is the cinematographer.

Ramesh who is a Upendra look alike on screen told journalists that the film is about the problems faced by the hero in his road to success. The film is about how he tackles his problems and how he corrects the mistakes that happen along the way.

The trailer of the film was also shown to the journalists. The trailer suggested that the hero is on a rampage just like Upendra in his early films and who is out to kill people. He has seven heroines to finish off who symbolize different emotions.

Senior television journalist Jayaprakash Shetty released the title and the trailer of E1 which has a blurb that says Yaarivanu.

Ramesh said he had attempted three ventures that were shelved. He said the film E1 has been shot in Bengaluru and Bidadi over a 48-day shooting schedule.

Samhita Shah said she plays a decent girl who is someone next door like herself and is helpful by nature in the movie. She said the film will be full of suspense and thrills which will give audiences edge-of-seat entertainment.

Cinematographer Mohan said it took six months to grade the film.

Senior television journalist Jayaprakash Shetty said the Kannada film industry is in a state of flux and change. He said it was surprising that senior journalists were encouraging such new ventures which speaks about the expectations and the variety that journalists are looking for in the new movies. He wished the team of E1 good luck and wished that the film becomes A1. He also hoped that the film met expectations with a different presentation for the audiences.
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