irector Saiprakash launched the music of film ‘Dream Girl’ at a function in Bengaluru on Friday evening. The film is written, co-produced and directed by Lakshman Nayak besides penning the lyrics for the film’s songs. V Manohar has scored the music and Gandharva has scored the background score. The film stars Patre Ajit, Raghu Bhat, Amrutha Rao and Deepika Das.

Speaking on the occasion, Saiprakash said he had seen the dream girl of his age during his younger days and wished that Amrutha Rao becomes the dream girl of today’s youths. He said all of them have dreams of making it big and wished that those dreams come true.

Director Lakshman Nayak said the film is a mass-oriented love and suspense story. He said the film has been completed and is ready for release. He said the film has five songs.

Ajit Patre said the film has an interesting screenplay and that he plays a village boy who comes to Bengaluru with a lot of dreams. The story is about how Bengaluru receives him and does he realize his dreams after facing difficulties.

Raghu said he plays Shyam who wants to achieve something in his life as he arrives in Bengaluru. He faces a lot of difficulties in his path and whether he achieves what he has set out for is what the story is all about.

Amrutha Rao said she plays a rich girl in the film. Dream Girl isalso about the relationship between father and daughter as she is without a mother. The girl falls in love with a poor guy and there are inevitable clashes with her father.

Gandharva said four songs are visually picturised and that he has scored the background music. He said the film is energetic and thanked the director for creating space to work.

Dingri Nagaraj also spoke of his long association with the industry and the opportunities that are coming to him.

Mysore Ramanand anchored the proceedings.

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