roducer Venkat of Kannada film 2 which was released on July 14 is a happy person. Venkat is happy not only with the success of his film at the box office but also with the support the film received from media.

If all goes as per plan, the Telugu version of film 2 is set to release across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana soon.
“I never expected media to extend its support to this extent. I am very happy with the success of my film 2 at the box office. The film got a very good opening on Friday and the box-office collection was stable on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I expect this film to become a huge success,’’ Venkat said.

Director Srinivas Raju has also thanked media persons for supporting and encouraging his film 2. “I am sure of this film completing 25 and also 50 days at all theatres in Karnataka. Its Telugu version is ready for release. The conclusion – 3 – is ready for release in August. While Dandupalya depicted the cruel methods of Dandupalya gang members, the film 2 showcases their innocence and brutal methods of police,’’ Srinivas Raju said.

Pooja Gandhi has thanked director and producer for giving opportunity to act in Dandupalya, 2 and 3. “I am very happy with the response to film 2. The film 3 will give more details on Dandupalya gang members,’’ Pooja Gandhi said.
Sanjana Galrani has said that she was proud to be part of this film. “I played the deglamour role in this film. I put up all my efforts to meet the expectations of the director during the shooting. The Censor Board officials have removed one of the very important scene from this film. I struggled a lot during the shooting for that particular scene in which I acted with Ravi Shankar,’’ Sanjana said.
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Film: 2 (Kannada)
Cast: Pooja Gandhi, Ravi Shankar, Sanjana Galrani, Shruti, Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, Jayadev Mohan, Kari Subbu, Satyajit
Director: Srinivas Raju

​Rating: 2/5

What's it about:
It is a sequel of Dandupalya film that has created a history in box-office collections not only in Karnataka but also Andhra Pradesh. It tries to throw some light on alleged police atrocities on Dandupalya gang members. The first half of the film is about a journalist Abhi alias Abhivyakthi (Shruthi) attempts to go deep into the story of Dandupalya gang members who are sentenced to death for involving around 80 murders.
The more Shruthi tries to meet Dandupalya gang members the more police try to avoid her but finally she succeeds in meeting them at Hindalga prison. Initially, they hate her by mistaking her as a journalist with vested interest. Finally, they agree to reveal what has happened to them in 40 days and how they were compelled to confess to the crime.

What's hot:
Director Srinivas Raju has tried his best to showcase how police officers go to any extent to make innocent and hapless people confess to the crime. Pooja Gandhi has acted well, especially in a prison scene where a woman inmate tries to kiss her and touch her private part. This particular scene highlights the status of prisons in Karnataka.
Ravishankar is convincing as vicious police officer. Satyajit’s dialogue delivery deserves appreciation. Kari Subbu, Makarand Deshpande Ravi Kale have acted well.
The film ends abruptly by stating that its conclusion will be in August.

What to do:
It is worth watching if you want to know how police harass innocent and hapless people in police custody.

annada crime thriller Dandupalya 2 will release in about 300 theatres all over Karnataka on July 14. The film has got an A certificate from the censors with about 40 cuts. The film is produced by Venkat and directed by Srinivasa Raju. The film has the same cast that was in Dandupalya. Sanjana, Bhagya and Shruthi are the latest additions. Pooja Gandhi, Kari Subbu, Ravi Kale, Ravishankar, Jaidev and Makrand Deshpande are some of the members of the film’s cast. Ravishankar plays a positive role in the film.

According to director Srinivasa Raju, Dandupalya 2 which carries the title ‘2’ as directed by the censors has no crime and violence. He said the film is melodramatic and the crime committed by the crime has been given a different dimension. He said the second version will present the gang’s perspective of the crimes perpetrated by them and their operations.

Director Srinivasa Raju said the film is an entertaining film and added that he has not been able to capture even 20 percent of the crimes committed by the gang. He said the film is a sequel to the first version and added that he will end the series with a third version which he expects will release in August.

arnataka Film Chamber of Commerce President Sa Ra Govindu launched the trailer of Dandupalya 2 at a function with his colleagues N M Suresh and Ramamurthy. The film is produced by Venkat and directed by Srinivasa Raju. The film stars the same cast that was present in Dandupalya. Sanjana and Shruthi are the latest additions. Pooja Gandhi, Kari Subbu, Ravi Kale, Ravishankar, Jaidev and Makrand Deshpande are some of the members of the film’s cast.

Director Srinivasa Raju told reporters that the film is an entertaining film and that he would want to make films based on crime. But, he said such films do not create any social impact and at the same time admitted that his friend had been using a CCTV camera to look after his aged mother after watching Dandupalya. Pooja Gandhi, Kari Subbu, Jaidev and advocate Ravishankar got a clean chit from the court for the film as the court ruled that Dandupalya is a socially responsible film.

The director said he has not been able to capture even 20 percent of the gory crimes committed by the Dandupalya gang. He said the Dandupalya 2 will release in June and the film focuses on social responsibility aspect. Ravishankar said he was the only positive character in the film.

Producer Venkat said the reason for taking up Dandupalya 2 is the concern and dedication of the director in the first film. He said the film had been dubbed into Telugu and had got encouraging response. He recalled that the film had got police protection when the film got released. 

Advocate Ravishanker who fought the case in support of the film in the city civil and High Court said this is a film with social interest.

Pooja Gandhi said the attitude of the gang members is worse than animals. She said she will not forget the director for giving the role of her lifetime. She said the director challenged the actor’s capabilities.

andupalya 2, which is the sequel to dreaded crime story Dandupalya began its shoot on Thursday morning at a temple in Bengaluru. The film is being directed by Srinivasa Raju who had made the first part. The muhurta to mark the launch of the movie was conducted with less fanfare and Srinivasa Raju said it is for the first time he had gone for a formal muhurta for his film. He said the launch function went off well with few members of the industry coming to wish the team.

The film stars Pooja Gandhi, Makrand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, Ravishankar, Kari Subbu and Jaydev among others.

Srinivasa Raju said Dandupalya 2 will be the untold story of the gang’s operations and its criminal activities. He said whatever couldn’t be told in the first part will now be part of the sequel. He said the film will explore three dimensions – police, media and criminals.

He said he has drawn up a 70-day shooting schedule and said he will provide more details as the shoot for the movie progresses.

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