ress Code, a suspense horror thriller will release in about 60 theatres all over Karnataka through distributor Navaratna Prasad. The film is directed by Shivakumar Kadur and produced by Prithvi who has also acted in the movie as its lead actor.

Director Kadur told reporters that the film has positive and negative elements in equal measure. However, he said the film is positive and will be liked by youngsters. Dress Code is about the kind of costumes that girls wear that invite boys to make comments and behave badly. The negative aspect of the film is a psycho who wants to become bad while the positive aspect is about people who allow girls to be the way they are. He  said it’s a film that happens in a forest.

He said the film has got an ‘A’ certificate due to the killing and the horror element. The film has three kinds of costumes, he said.

Divya said she plays a girl who knows how to face her problems and at the same time instill courage in others to face theirs. She said the movie has a good message for audiences.

Kanchana said she plays Swathi who gets scared but is a decent character in the movie. Hema said she plays the heroine who sports a sari. She said how she faces the psycho character who scares woman is what she plays in the film.

Shiva Balaji said he plays a psycho in the film who got selected through an audition. He said the psycho that he plays is good and troubles people in a good manner. He said Danny made him fight in the movie.

Stunt composer Different Danny said the fights have been naturally without using many properties. He praised Hema for doing the stunts herself so well.

Prithvi said there is dress code for every occasion and the film tries to address emotions. 

‘Dress Code’ has got an ‘A’ certificate from the censors with 17 cuts and a running time of 96 minutes. The film is directed by Shivakumar Kadur and it stars Prithvi, Hema, Divya and Shivu Balaji. The film’s trailer was launched at a function in Bengaluru.

Director Kadur told reporters that the movie has a positive and a negative side to it. He said just like Vaastu is followed while a house is built same is true for a woman to have a dress code. He said there is a dress code for people going to schools and temples but there is none for girls who are on the streets. If a woman dresses up well she is seen with respect and otherwise also it is true, he said.

Director Kadur said the film has a positive climax and it ends positively but is free for public interpretation. He advocated the need for a law to have a dress code for people to dress up in public.

Umesh Banakar said there is a need for dress code and we need to recommend the same to the government.

‘Dress Code’, a new Kannada film is readying for a release soon. The shoot for the film has been completed and the movie is now ready for release. The film is produced by Prakash R.

The film is co-produced by debutant Prithvi who is also playing the main lead. The film is directed by Shivakumar Kadur, another debutant.

Prithvi told reporters that the film is about what unfolds during a journey. Hema, a girl from Kukke Subramanya, who is playing the female lead said she performed a stunt sequence in the movie. Divya is making her debut and for Ashariya this is her second movie.

Shivu Balaji who is seen in a psychic role said he got a call from the director about getting selected for hisrole at 1 am.'

Director Shivakumar Kadur said women should follow a dress code in their lives and she should command respect from society. He said if women don’t follow a decent dress code what is in store for them is what the film is all about. Dress code is public property, he said.

Nagesh is the cinematographer. Harsha has scored the background music for the movie that doesn’t have songs.

Dayanand, Prithvi’s father said he wanted to become a hero himself and his now dream is getting realized through his son.

Aravind Rao who came to wish the team said murder stories, suspense thrillers and horror movies are sure bets for success of a movie. Umesh Banakar also came to the press meet to wish the team good luck.

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