roducer B K Srinivas said he will not make movies for newcomers henceforth. Making this announcement at a press meet, he said he was not happy with some dialogues in his movie Dove. He said was not involved in the production activity and had left it to the director. Despite Santhu’s best efforts there were a few glitches and errors which he could not digest, he said.

Srinivas said he will henceforth look into every aspect of cinema making and see to it that there are no such hiccups in future. He also did not know if the movie was doing well or otherwise because the film is distributed by R S Productions.

Srinivas said he will announce his next project in December on his birthday which will be a biggie.

Earlier, director Santhu said there was good talk about Dove but as a director he was tied up with a lot of work which meant overseeing 25 different departments in the production activity besides artistes. He said he was happy and proud to be referred to as the film’s director. Santhu said Anoop had got a good launch and the new actor himself knows his shortcomings. He thanked the producer for backing him and allowing him to do a screenplay based cinema.

Anoop said he was happy with the response to his debut movie Dove. He said he will make note of his mistakes and improve in his forthcoming movies.

Sa Ra Govindu praised Srinivas for being a spendthrift in promoting son Anoop’s film. He said irrespective of the film’s result he was indebted to the producer. Govindu said his son Anoop will continue to work in the industry as an actor.

ove, a film directed by Alemaari Santhu and produced by B K Srinivas will release in about 120 theatres across Karnataka on October 9through RS Productions. The film marks the debut of Sa Ra Govindu’s son Anoop and Adithi Rao although the latter has had her first release.

Alemaari Santhu told journalists that the film has been getting a good response from the college students of big towns of Karnataka where the team held its road shows for the movie as part of the promotional activity. He expressed the hope of getting a good opening for the movie. Santhu also expressed confidence that Anoop will become a mass hero following the movie’s release.

Santhu said Dove is a technicians’ film which will attract masses and families.

Adithi Rao said she plays a college-going girl in the movie and said she was overwhelmed by the response from the college students at the road shows.

Anoop said he was hopeful about engaging audiences attention following the good response that the movie had got for its road shows.

Producer B K Srinivas appealed to Lahari Audio company to settle the NOC row and help the producer. He thanked Lahari Music for encouraging newcomers by acquiring the music rights of the movie.

Lahari Velu said his company supported the producers but said according to the new law producers will have to adhere to the norms of getting an NOC before the formal release of audio.

Sa Ra Govindu said he never thought that his son would get into movies. He said his son expressed his wish to balance his studies and movies.

he roadshow for the film Dove began on Monday from Seshadripuram College where debutant Anoop studied and proceeded towards Navrang theatre circle. The team consisted of Anoop, heroine Adithi Rao and the film’s director Santhu. The film is produced by B K Srinivas who was not however not present at the roadshow. The roadshow which has been titled Dove Savaari will team 120 colleges across Karnataka as part of the film promotion and traverse to the North Karnataka in the coming days ahead of the film’s release. Dove is releasing on October 9.

‘Dove’ will release on October 9 across Karnataka. The teaser and the trailer of the movie was launched on Monday evening by San City chief Vishwa Cariappa.

 The film is produced by B K Srinivas and directed by Santhu. The film marks the debut of Sa Ra Govindu’s son Anoop and Adithi Rao. Incidentally, Adithi Rao has already seen her first release. The film is being distributed by Kanakapura Srinivas of R S Films. The film also stars Madalasa Sharma, Rakesh Adiga, Daniel Balaji, Rangayana Raghu and Veena Sunder among others.

Producer B K Srinivas said he had always wanted to launch newcomers in his his films. He said Anoop has acted well and so have Adithi Rao and Rakesh Adiga.

Kanakapura Srinivas said Santhu is a good director and he trusted the director, cinematographer, hero and producer in that order before acquiring the distribution rights. He said he was willing to take Anoop’s callsheet for his next film.

Sa Ra Govindu said his son was not prepared to enter films until he finished his graduation. But, when the offer came he agreed after director Santhu convinced him that his son’s career was in safe hands and that he should be handed over to the director for six months. Govindu said he would take media criticism sportively as only then would his son grow.

Kumar Govind said he never felt that Anoop was a newcomer and expressed confidence that people will accept Anoop.

Anoop thanked the producer and director for giving him the required time to learn fight and dance. He urged the media persons to correct his mistakes and thanked them for the encouragement.

Adithi Rao said she still remembered the day when the muhurta for the film was held. She said Sa Ra Govindu and director had told her that she would get many offers and that has come true.

Rakesh Adiga said he had a negative shade to his role and that he plays a waiter in a bar. He said the film has also shown the darker side of love with a message to the youth.

Director Santhu said he had realized his dream of making Dove after two years of the film being in the making.

Film Chamber President Thomas D’Souza also spoke.

arnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in his short visit to Dr Ambedkar Bhavan with cabinet colleagues Home Minister KJ George and Information Minister Roshan Baig released the audio CD of ‘Dove’ Kannada cinema and wondered why English title to Kannada cinema. A ‘Dove’ shape came from the top and Chief Minister pulled out the audio CD.

Kannadigas are large hearted personalities. We have welcomed all language films said CM and remembered Sa Ra Govindu who is from his ‘Kadinavaru’. It was Dr Raj affectionately telling me that I am from his ‘Kadinavaru’ CM went on a flashback. Chief Minister wished best of luck for the film ‘Dove’.

BK Srinivas welcomed the gathering at Dr Ambedkar Bhavan and honored Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Home Minister George KJ, Roshan Baig Home Minister, Basanth Kumar Patil Raghavendra Rajakumar, HD Gangaraju, Baraguru Ramachandrappa, KV Chandrasekhar, Lahari Velu with shawl, fruit basket and garland. Sanjana and music director Arjuna Janya were also present on this occasion.

There was a visual tribute to Dr Rajakumar, Dr Vishnuvardhana and Shanker Nag on this occasion. The life sketch was visual treat.

oted producer BK Srinivas who is having only outgoing but not incoming form his films said he is releasing the film ‘Angulimala’ first and then ‘Dove’ in December. Patting Anoop Sa Ra Govindu  the humble producer Benkosri said he intends to do another film with him.

Benko Sri also intends to give final touches to his studio in Vijayanagar that he acquired from Ashwini Studio. He has named it as ‘Nam’ studio now. That will be another occasion to declare open officially.

There is new sounding in the songs says Arjun Janya in ‘Dove’, Lahari Velu  said three songs are very good in this film, Aditi Rao said she in college going role and equal to my age role has come she says.

Anoop Sara Govindu said he has got a big opportunity in his first film. Youths and parents can watch this film ‘Dove’ strongly opine Anoop.

roducer BK Srinivas is bouncing back in big style for the release of his ‘Dove’ audio. This is the film starring Anoop Sa Ra Govindu. Aditi Rao is heroine of this film. Santhu is director of this film.

For the music of Arjun Janya the title song of this film ‘Dove’ is sung by power star Puneeth Rajakumar. The recording is at Akash Audio.

For the October 12, audio release at Dr Ambedkar Bhavan open ground in Basaveshwaranagara Dr Kamal Haasan is likely to be the chief guest. As the health condition was not good for Dr Kamalji and he is now alright after food poisoning the fresh date is expected from the Ulagayanaka.

At the open ground producer BK Srinivas is inviting the bigwigs of the Kannada cinema industry for audio release event.

ri Harsha Productions BK Srinvas is dilkush for the completion of the film ‘Dove’ in over 50 days shooting. The participation of century star Jaggesh in the item song was lauded by producer. Director Santhu is quiet and hardworking guy. He has written songs for other films also and Umesh has done tremendous work in looking after the shooting process disclosed Srinivas.

The audio release is planned in a big way in second week of September and I wish to release the film for Dasara festival. The delay of the film that was stated on my last year birthday on December 9 is because of date adjustments. Anoop had to take up examinations says Benkosri.

Sa Ra Govindu present at the media briefing for completion of the film ‘Dove’ said he has given only help like how he does for Kannada films. I was confident from the day one of action portion handling by my son. I have to see him in other areas of acting. I would extent more support for the film success but at last it is audience who have to give verdict stated Govindu.

Director Santhu making a film for the younger generation says ‘Dove’ has good meaning for love. Love is as pure as the ‘Dove’ white color. I am happy for completion with good support from Srinivas he stated.

Debutant Anoop in his address stated that he is very fortunate for getting this film. Acting with Jaggesh was another good time and I have dubbed for the film in four days he mentioned.

There was no short falls from production team for making of this film pointed cameraman Chandrasekhar. Rakesh is doing a special role of ‘Bar Kumar’ in this film.

Aditi Rao is thrilled for a film that is so immaculate to her thinking. This is a film most awaited for all she felt.

he debut film for Anoop Sa Ra Govindu and Aditi Rao with Daniel Balaji (Of Veteyadu Valayaadu of Dr Kamal Haasan film) was shooting at Babulgum factory near Sulthan Palya on Friday afternoon when media visited the spot.

Six days of talkie portion is left and five songs will be finished in February. In February end it will be ‘Kumbala Kaayi’ stated producer BK Srinivas. I don’t turn up at the sets. If I come several things come to my notice. I get tensed. Santhu in his second film for our banner is doing good job. I agree that for the first film with him ‘Alemaari’ I did not see profits. The budget was Rs.4 crores for ‘Alemaari’. Same budget had I given to Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa he would have made eight films BK Srinivas stated with wide laugh. For this film ‘Dove’ it will be not so much of expenditure explained BK Srinivas.

Director Santhu has made a declaration. If this film ‘Dove’ does not make money for producer Benkosri I would not do any film for him in future. He was very confident on the success of this film. I do not vouch for unnecessary expenses he stated referring to Rs.4 crores expenditure to ‘Alemaari’ – we have shot in digital cameras. Raw stock of ‘Alemaari’ would have crossed 4 lakh feet observes Santhu. For this ‘Dove’ there is change in pattern for every fifteen minutes he says.

Mass Madha stunt director was composing stunts with five cameras and it was one of the expensive action portions of his career. He has got 14 offers after two action portions he shot for ‘Alemaari’. Daily expenses of Mass Madha team comes around Rs.50000. Five cameras for his portion means it is very expensive.

Daniel Balaji a relative of old horse Siddalingaiah after hearing the screenplay was convinced that he could act in this film. Sharat Lohitashva plays a cop with positive approach this time. Dialogue writer Manju Mandavya, Umesh production in charge and an associate are in his team of investigation in the film.

Anoo Sa Ra Govindu feeling comfortable so far explained learning process from senior actors like Sharat Lohitashva and Avinash. Aditi Rao in a bubbly role was quite content.

Rakesh Adiga was invited to address the media did not turn up. He was not at the muhurut day at Kanteerava studios.

n extremely gleeful personality on 9th of December BK Srinivas is flying in good cinema business today. The extra happiness was found in him because of 50th birthday. It was celebrated in the presence of very big attendance at Kanteerava Studios. Karnataka deputy CM and Home Minister was present to launch the film ‘Dove’ on the occasion of BK Srinivas 50th birthday.

Work is worship is what I believe. Go on working. Duddu barodu adara Ishta, adara Hinde Hodre Nanage Nashta – Srinivas turned poetic in his address. Like in my previous films I am not going to interfere in film making. I have busy 15 hours of work every day mentioned BK Srinivas.

The proud father of debutant son Anoop = Sa Ra Govindu stated that I have only told my son to keep up the belief kept on him. Like me Srinivas also came up from difficulty. It is duty to give sincere work to such people he pointed.

Srinivas Uncle 50th birthday is my birthday in cinema stated Anup. I would put all efforts. Allow me to grow. For me the role is like my daily activity. I have been working since four months learning needs for the film said Anup Sa Ra Govindu.

Aditi Rao is the heroine of this film. She had acted in two television serials ‘Ellarantalla and Naanu Aditi Rao’. This is her debut cinema.

Working in Harsha production is like working in my home banner said music director Arjun Janya. He is preparing five songs for this film.

My responsibility has increased from all areas said Santhu director of the film. Manju Mandavya has written very good dialogues. Anup is like a pure white sheet. He has positive energy in him. Promote my film bigger than ‘Alemari’ stated Santhu.

Actor Jaggesh came to the place of media address and wished good luck to Anup Sa Ra Govindu. Anup has charm in his face and he needs support stated Jaggesh.

ne of the three children of Sa Ra Govindu – Anup is making debut from ‘Dove’ and he is not only excited but very clear in his thoughts. I should keep up the name of my father and follow his instructions stated Anup addressing the media.

In the last four months I am trained by Santhu director of ‘Dove’. Dance, fights and acting I am at learning state. I am a student of Seshadipuram College studying in II PUC stated Anup.

Anup Sa Ra Govindu was brought up in life with good care by his two sisters. Like how you have blessed my father please do the same for me urge Anup in his address.

ith three S starting personalities on the dais at Le Meredian Hotel on Monday night Anup name was starting letter of the English alphabet. He has started his film career today from ‘Dove’ – Dangerous love story in the banner of BK Srinivas of Sri Harsha Productions.

According to Santhu director in his second film Anup is the right choice for ‘Dove’. When I saw him in half pant and banian at his house on reaching Bangalore with news of Murali son Atharva not ready till 2014 for call sheet I realized that here is a boy who is very typical to the role. I was looking for casual and cool looking boy with quality of smoking without knowledge to elders. Before that Krishnaprasad had told me that we have to make a film for Sa Ra Govindu son one day. It struck me immediately. When there is butter why worry for ghee!

Santhu next day morning with a sweet box and told Sa Ra Govindu that here is my hero pointing to 18 years young Anup and wonder struck was both Govindu and his won Anup.

For me Anup is like a white sheet. I can write what I want and get it from him before the camera says Santhu. For a producer like BK Srinivas I should salute always. He never interferes with my freedom. ‘Yaav Beedhi Dasayya Tandru, I do not say anything’ BK Srinivas told Santhu on his choices were inquired.

BK Srinivas in his address at the introduction of Anu Sa Ra Govindu emphasized that Sa Ra Govindu has a name and it should go along with Anup. I know Sa Ra Govindu from 80’s. Today in my banner his son as hero is very happy news. On December 9 the film go on the floors – that happens to be the birthday of Benkosri alias B K Srinivas.

t is a time for rejoice for father of Anup Sa Ra Govindu. Certainly I enjoy this rejoicing moment when the media appreciates his acting in ‘Dove’. I have brought him up with lot of care and affection. Like how you all blessed this Sa Ra Govindu in the last 35 years of public life and also in the cinema industry please do bless my son urged Govindu introducing his son Anup at Le Meredian on Monday night.

Sa Ra Govindu always in white and white costume stated there is no black spot in my career so far. Media guarded me advised me so well. Coming to Bangalore and joining a factory of one Mr Subramanya I became very close to SA Govindaraju. We used to meet every evening and my work in the house of Dr Rajakumar was appreciated. It is a history now as I am close to Rajanna family in the last 28 years. Dr Raj gave me all the respect and his ‘Adarsha’ changed me a lot. The affection of Rajanna made me to start 9000 branches of Akila Karnataka Dr Rajakumar Abhimanala Sangha – Govindu recalled how he forked 15 members team at Gokak time to protect ‘Rajanna’.

Today I have to remember my wife. Destiny played a big role in my life when I lost her. Anup was just one and half year baby. He is studying PUC today and I wanted him to complete education first. Again destiny that has drawn him to cinema! I would say he is not fit enough. The confidence in director Santhu and Umesh Kumar plus Krishna Prasad has been very high. I did not disturb their confidence. I Okayed for my son to become hero.

In fact Murali son Atharva call sheet is what asked before my son was approved. I only advice him to go on learn. Follow the principles of Dr Rajakumar. When mistake happen accept it and apologize for it.

When I start my own film with my son it would be definitely Kannada title. I cannot indulge in the freedom of others said Sa Ra Govindu for a question.

t last ‘Dove’ hero has been selected. It is veteran producer Sa Ra Govindu son Anup a teenage guy doing the role of a college student in the film of BK Srinivas. Santhu Alemari is the director, Arjun Janya music, KS Chandrasekhar is cameraman for the debut of Anup.

On Saturday afternoon to explain the launch of film on the birthday of producer BK Srinivas there was a meet at 37 Crescent Hotel.

Meghana is Aditi in her debut with Anup. Rakesh Adiga, Pragna, Sharat Lohitashava, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu and others are delivering the dialogues written by Manju Mandavya. BK Srinivas suggested for one schedule shooting. It was eight months ago the composition of songs for ‘Dove’ started. BK Srinivas has given responsibility of the film to Umesh Kumar, director Santhu and PRO Nagendra.

The film ‘Dove’ is a youthful cinema while Alemari was family cinema says director Santhu. From rhythm to lyrics orientation he is concentrating in songs. There are five plus one bit in the film – all songs are penned by him. There is enough of action and emotion. Anup in his debut has been given sufficient training in the last four months. Mass Madha in stunts, Kalai is teaching dance for Anup.

KS Chandrasekhar is the cameraman. He had seen ‘Alemari’ of Santhu and appreciated him as a good technician. Without compromise on technique part we are working for the film stated Chandrasekhar. I was given the dialogue reading too of this film mentioned KSC.

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