‘Dana Kayonu’ will release all over Karnataka on October 7. The film is directed by Yogaraj Bhat and produced by Kanakapura R Srinivas. The movie stars Duniya Vijay and Priya Mani among others.

Producer R Srinivas told reporters that his father was a cowherd. He said his father had told him a story that has been made into a film. He said his father would have felt happy if he was alive. The producer said Dana Kayonu is his 18th film which has been appreciated by the censors. He said he was confident of the film’s success.

Prakash Rai who had come to wish the team said he was there because Dana Kayonu involves Yogaraj Bhat, Priya Mani and Duniya Vijay and because it is a Kannada film. He said Yogaraj Bhat is a director with special tastes and preferences. Prakash Rai said he liked Dana Kayonu’s film trailer. He said he also liked Yogaraj Bhat’s working style, understanding and thought. He said it is difficult to believe the Priya Mani and Vijay combination. He urged people to watch  Kannada movies.

Music composer V Harikrishna said in a Bhat’s film even if Sunny Leone acts the censors will give the film a U certificate. He said Dana Kayonu has four songs and added the songs will touch the homes and hearts of people.

Veena Sunder said she was happy to have worked with Yogaraj Bhat for the first time. Stunt composer Ravi Varma said it was an unforgettable experience to shoot climax scene with 2,000 cows.

Rangayana Raghu said although Dana Kayonu is a village story the film takes the audiences to the city audiences. He said Yogaraj Bhat has used new words in the movie.

Duniya Vijay said it has been a decade since he turned a hero. He said Prakash Rai and Rangayana Raghu are his inspirations. He said he finds out about the role that Raghu is playing in the movie whenever a director approaches him with a film offer.

Priya Mani said she had learnt a lot from her co-artistes. She said the climax fight sequence is a major plus point of the movie. She said she was happy two of her films are releasing on the same day.

he audio CD of Yogaraj Bhat’s upcoming film Dhana Kaayonu was released by Rachita Ram and Basha at a function surrounding Kencheeramma Temple in Kanakapura. The film is produced by Kanakapura Srinivas and it stars Duniya Vijay and Priya Mani in lead roles. It also stars Suchendra Prasad, Rangayana Raghu, Veena Sunder and Natasha in supporting roles.

Three songs of the movie along with the trailer were shown on the occasion.

The shoot for the film is over. The movie has been shot in Gangavathi and Bengaluru. Priya Mani and Vijay signify the cow and bull in the movie. However, Vijay and Priya Mani were conspicuous by their absence.

Producer Kanakapura Srinivas wished that the audio of his film be released in his home town and in the surroundings of the ancient temple.

Yogaraj Bhat said he is indebted to the people of Kanakapura and the audio release is an effort to reach out and thank the people of Kanakapura through the movie. He said post production work of the film is in progress that involves a lot of computer graphics. Bhat said the team plans to release the film in June.

Rachita Ram wished the team good luck.

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