andu, an action film based on a real incident has completed 25 days of successful run at the box-office in parts of North Karnataka. The film is produced and directed by Sanjeev Megoti. The film stars Neeraj Shyam, Neha Saxena, Disha Poovaiah, Saikumar, Kuldeep and Vijay Kumar among others. Harish S N is the cameraman.

A special screening of the film was organized on the occasion of 25 days of ‘Dandu’ and mementos were presented at a function held at Sri Renukamba Digital Studio in Bengaluru.

Director Sanjeev Megoti announced that he will begin shoot on his new film titled Sukibava which will be produced by Raja Reddy, Rangashai and Srinivas. Avinash of Last Bus fame will be playing the lead in the film, which will be a love story. Megoti said the film Sukibava will be made in Kannada, Telugu and Bengali. He said the film will have two heroines and may cast a Bengali girl for the film. He said Avinash will get a launch into Bengali cinema as well.

Sudheendra will be scoring the music for Sukibava and Harish S N will be handling the camera. 

andu, an action film based on a real incident will hit theatres all over Karnataka on March 4. The film is produced and directed by Sanjeev Megoti. The film stars Neeraj Shyam, Neha Saxena, Disha Poovaiah, Saikumar, Kuldeep and Vijay Kumar among others. Harish S N is the cameraman.

Director Sanjeev Megoti told journalists that the film is based on a real story that happened in Raichur. He said the film was shot for 50 days spread over seven schedules with most of the shoots happening in original houses where the incident happened. He said the film is an action film and a commercial film with a message. He said the film took more than two years to make but said he was confident that it had come out well.

Megoti said the highlight of the movie is the performances given by Neeraj Shyam, Saikumar and Neha Saxena. He said Neha’s character is like that of a hero and not a heroine who is serious and tough in the film. The director said for the first time the movie was shot in real rain which made the task difficult for the cameraman.

He said the film has pain and comedy. Songs have been shot in Karwar and Kodagu.

 Neeraj Shyam said the film has a true feel and is a story that revolves around a personality. He said during the making of the film he had signed a Tamil film which is a remake of Kannada hit Simplaag Ondu Love Story which is why he is emotionally connected to Dandu.

Neha Saxena said the entire team worked hard and especially the director to get the movie on to the big screen. She said Dandu was close to her heart because it was her first entry into Kannada cinema. She said she played different shades to her role. Neha said she didn’t believe in doing only glamour roles and that she wanted to do performance-oriented films. She said she was glad to be cast in the movie as a solid heroine.

Vijay Kumar who had acted in few films a few years ago said he played a military officer in the movie.

ne of the notable achievement of this ‘Dandu’ made in Kannada and Telugu by Sanjeev Megoti is that nearly 100 artists have worked for it. Sanjeev Megoti of ‘Aptha’ fame is also producer, director of this film ‘Dandu’. The audio of the film was released on Wednesday morning in Bangalore.

‘Dandu’ is shot in Bangalore, Karwar, Adoni, Raichur, Kumuta, Aagara in 55 days, Megoti himself has scored music for five songs, formed Gramaphone audio house to release the CD. The specialty of audio CD was nine years young Sooraj tuned one of the songs from keyboard and received applaud.

Well known director Om Saiprakash was present to release the CD and wish his junior in direction. Neeraj Shyam is in all the three films of Sanjeev Megoti – Q, Aptha and now this Dandu.

Director cum producer of the film Sanjeev Megoti has retained the same name in Telugu language. It is a film with real life case of a criminal lawyer, Panchabootha and Navagraha powers part of the film. Sanjeev Megoti of Aptha Kannada cinema of Pooja Gandhi in his second film is showcasing the ‘Panchabootha’ as villains in his film.

Neeraj Shah is playing software guy in the film. Disha Poovaiah, Neha Saxena, Santosh, Jaiker, Suhas, Subhas Shetty, Prithvi, Veeresh, Vijayakumar are in different Navagraha powers.

The rain effect nine hours shoot and Thriller Manju composing climax in six days using services of 500 persons is a big attraction. There are seven action scenes in the film. Harish Sandekoppa is the cameraman.

ashing in on the name of ‘Dandupalya’ director Sanjeev Megoti goes for his second film in Kannada ‘Dandu’ but this is bilingual. After conducting the media meet and releasing photos in Andhra Pradesh for Telugu version, Megoti met the media in Bangalore on Friday afternoon at Green House Raj Milan.

‘Dandu’ is a mixture of a real life happening. It is about a criminal lawyer responsible for 197 crimes and how he is free in society plus Pancha Bootha and Navagraha effects. Panchaboothas are shown as villains in this film.

The shoot was held in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Disha Poovaiah confirmed that it was two times shooting for the film as it is shot in two languages Kannada and Telugu.

Neha Saxena from Punjab is the heroine with Disha Poovaiah local lass. Neeraj Shah plays main role with Santosh Balaji, Jaiker, Suhas, Subhash Shetty, Prithvi, Veeresh, Vijayakumar and others.

Thriller Manju also in the cast composed action portion that was shot in six days with four cameras.

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