annada action film ‘Dandayatre’ mounted the sets on Sunday morning at a temple in Bengaluru. The film stars Ajay Rao in the lead and is directed by Ved Guru. The film is produced by Dharwad Harish, Sanjeev and Srikanth. The film will begin shoot in February and will be shot in Dharwad, England and some dry regions of Karnataka. Sandy is scoring the music for the movie which will have five songs.

Director Ved Guru who has made television serials and worked under directors B Ramamurthy and Krish Joshi said a person who leads a kind of royal life comes to a situation of becoming a soldier. The film deals with how he saves his life and his country. The director said Ajay Rao has two shades to his role and in one of the shades the character dates back to history.

Ajay Rao said Dandayatre is his first full length action film. He said he had learnt martial arts but Excuse Me gave him a soft image. He also said he did not imagine this kind of script and it requires him to go gymming to prepare for his role.

Producers Dharwad Harish, Sanjeev and Srikanth are brothers hailing from Kalaghatgi taluk of Dharwad district who have been into stocks and shares business for the last two decades. The trio announced plans to produce 10 films during the year of which two of them are on the floor already and Dandayatre was launched on Sunday. Another three of them are remakes.  

Two films Aira and MTV Subbalakshmi are already on the floor, three of them are remakes of Malayalam film Charlie and Pelli Choopilu and another film is undisclosed as yet. Dandayatre is the film that has mounted the sets on on Sunday. Premadalli is another film that will go on the floors on Monday. The producers feel money is not a constraint and will provide for whatever the subject demands. One of the producers Harish believes that only good films will bring back to the producers.

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