aksha Yagna, a mythological based social film will release on May 20 in about 50 theatres all over Karnataka instead of the earlier announced date of May 13. The film is being distributed by M N Kumar. The film is produced and directed by Sidde Gowda. The film is co-produced by Shivu and Nataraj. Raghu and Dayanand have worked as co-directors.

Sidde Gowda told reporters that the film made on a budget of Rs 2 crore is about Daksha performing the yagna to insult Lord Shiva. Sati, wife of Shiva attends the yagna performed by her father Daksha. She is unable to bear the insult meted out to Shiva by her father and thus she tries to immolate herself.

Gowda said the film also talks about the garva bhanga of Bruga rishi. He said the film has a message as the dialogues are not in theatrical form but could be understood by all. He said the killing of female foetus is also one of the focal points of the film. He said the film has 30 minutes of graphics and the running time of the film is 125 minutes.

The film stars Somu, Niharika, Priyanka, Shweta, Shiva, Niranjan, Sachin, Satish and Nagendra Prasad among others. Daksha is played by theatre artiste Somu while Niranjan plays Lord Shiva. Sharath has scored the music and Ramu is the cameraman. 

‘Dakshayagna’, a film based on mythology has completed its shoot and has a song left for picturisation. The film is being directed by documentary film-maker and theatreperson Sidde Gowda who is debuting as a director. The film is produced by Shivu and Nataraj.

The film stars Somu, Niharika, Deena Nanaiah, Niranjan, Sagar, Vishwa, Anil Kumar, Priyanka, Manju Rangayana, Vijay Gowda, Ravikencha, Nagendra Prasad and Mahesh among others. Ramu Narahalli is the cinematographer and Arohana has scored the music. Umesh is the editor.

Sidde Gowda told reporters that the film is based on popular mythology Dakshayagna. He said he had scripted the film keeping the folklore, historical and mythological situations and characters that existed in various plays that have been staged. He said he wrote the dialogues keeping today’s generation in mind. He said he consulted theatrepersons, harmonium players and historians before scripting the movie.

Gowda said the Kannada audiences had not seen a single mythological film in the last two decades and hence he came forward to make such a film that should be watched by people of today’s generation.

The debutant film-maker said Dakshayagna is a film that turns the spotlight on women empowerment where she is the adhishakti. Every scene in the film gives a message to the society, he said. Gowda said the artistes in the film are drawn from Rangayana, Neenasam, and many other well-known theatre troupes. He said efforts were made to rope in artistes working in rural theatre and trained them before they faced the camera.

Debutant Somu who has played the lead role of Daksha said as a fan of Dr Rajkumar it was his dream to act in a movie. He said he underwent training for a month to get his diction right. Niranjan who plays Lord Shiva in the movie also spoke.

Sidde Gowda has worked as a resource person in Kannada visual encyclopedia Basha Mandakini besides working in films and serials as an assistant director.
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