he audio of the film Daangadi was released by poet and litterateur Prof Siddalingaiah and Mohan Raj of DSS. The film is produced by Surendra Hugar while it is written and directed by Siddarama Karnick. Pramod has scored the music. The film stars Siddarama Karnick himself in the lead in this film as well after playing Dr B R Ambedkar’s role in Mrs Rama Bai.

Producer Surendra said he plans to release the film in March. He said the film shows Dr B R Ambedkar in a new avatar without disclosing the details. He said the film started shoot on Amavysa and completed its shoot and now the audio is being released on Amavysa day.

Director Karnick said Daangadi means a big step. He said the film refers to Dr B R Ambedkar’s big step. The film talks about this big step and how it changes people’s lives. He said he has given a commercial touch to the movie to attract the audiences. He said the movie is not just a historical film but it is also a social film that advocates living together. He said the film propagates the message of living together.

The film has four songs which has tuned by Pramod.

Kanakalakshmi said she had acted as a child artiste and was into theatre before signing this movie which is her debut. She said she has a song as well that has been picturised with her.

Dr Savitha, a dentist by profession said she plays Ambedkar wife Rama Bai’s character in the movie. She said she was acting in plays and was interested to act in a good story in a movie. She said she liked the story which has a strong message for society.

Prof Siddalingaiah said Karnick had researched on Dr Ambedkar’s work and contribution before making the movie. He said the cinema would have also studied how Ambedkar would have reacted to the present day problems and politics. He said Dr Ambedkar’s thoughts were relevant to this day that talks about peaceful co-existence in Indian society. He said the producer has taken a risk by making the movie but it is for the people and society.

aangadi, a new Kannada film will mount the sets on the Amavysa Day of August 2, 2016 in Belagavi. The film is produced by Surendra Hugar who was a lecturer and is now an advocate. The film is directed by Dr Siddarama Karnick who played the role of Dr B R Ambedkar in the movie Mrs Rama Bai.

Producer Hugar told reporters that he got introduced to Dr Siddarama Karnick during the making of Mrs Rama Bai in which he did a small role. He said Karnick has written a book who expressed his desire to make a film.

Dr Karnick did not specify of the word Daangadi. He said Daangadi is the name of a village in Odisha and a creeper that prevents the growth of beard and moustache. He said Daangadi is a created word and promised that the people will know the meaning of the word after seeing the movie.

The director said the film has no fights, no dancing around trees, no love songs and no stunts but said yet there are all the navarasas in the movie. He said bus driver and conductor are the only passengers who remain but people keep hopping in and hopping off the bus. Dr Karnick said the film is a mix of old and new that is told in the form of a journey.

Kanakalakshmi, a girl from Sirsi and from a theatre background said she plays the princess in the movie. She said she had acted as a child artiste in a movie and in a few television serials. Sanjeev said he has acted in five films and did not specify his role in Daangadi. Jayasurya, another actor also spoke.

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