he first edition of Box Cricket League Sandalwood with celebrities playing indoor cricket using a soft ball and under lights concluded recently at a specially erected studio set in Nelamangala. The event was put together by Kamar Film Factory and more than 100 celebrities participated in the tournament which had six teams competing against one another.

Kamar told reporters on Monday evening that even after a number of people had expressed about organizing such a big event his organizing team managed to pull it off. He said the cricket matches will now be telecast in a television channel in January 2017 without disclosing the name of the channel. Kamar did not announce the name of the winner of the tournament and said it was better to know the result after watching the matches on television.

Director Vasu who was one of the organizers said he had told Kamar that it could be possible to handle only about 25 to 30 artistes but Kamar pressurized him and said the director could handle much more than that number. He said the tournament was a bigger project to handle than a cinema production.

Meanwhile, the theme song of Box Cricket League was released for which Arun has scored the signature music. Arun said he had composed 10 tunes for the teams out of six of them were selected – one each for every team. The theme song for every team highlighted that city’s importance, he said.

Priyanka Upendra who participated in the tourney said the BCL is a new thing and that she found it interesting. She said she didn’t know anything about cricket but now she has become a follower of the game. The tourney proved that girls can also play cricket.

Sushma said there was a lot of interest and competition in the game between the teams but there was no rivalry at all. Adi Lokesh said he was surprised to see so many artistes participate in the game and also enjoying themselves.

Nargis Babu appreciated his son Kamar’s efforts in organizing the event.

Neethu said it was a wonderful experience to play and she sounded confident that she would play better next time if there is a second season.

A winners shield was kept on display at the press meet.

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