annada film Coma will release on May 27 in about 40 multiplex screens and many single-screen theatres. The film is directed by Ravi and Chetan and produced by Sudhakar.

Director Ravi said Coma is a kind of special moment in everyone’s lives. He said when a child is born the father is ecstatic for a moment which could be called coma. He said the film has a few interesting incidents. Director Chetan said the film has freshness and for the first time a Kannada film has been shot in Ghati Kallu location. He said the film will have a new type of ending. He  also said there will be a jugalbandi between old and new which is represented by Bhagawan and Guruprasad.

Bhagawan said he had acted in the movie with youngsters at his age of 83. He said many Kannada films were releasing but the quality of many of them were poor. He said he plays a director’s role in the film who has a run-in contest with his junior about film-making.

Editor Sri said the film’s ending has been left tothe imagination of the public.

Karthik said he is playing the male lead for the first time in a different kind of love story.

Shruthi said she is a classical dancer and an engineering graduate but was keen to get into movies. She said she appeared in a small role in Uppi 2 and had waited for offers for two years. She said she was surprised that the film had come out well and it is a dream come true for her.

Rachana said she plays a special role in the film that gives a twist to the story. She said she plays a bold north Indian girl in the movie.

Karthik Malhar is the cameraman.

Andy said he plays a comic role in the movie who will be seen throughout the length of the movie with the hero. 

udio of the new Kannada film ‘Coma’ was released at a multiplex in Bengaluru on Monday evening. Two songs of the movie were also shown on the occasion. Ashiq Arun has scored the music for the film. The film has completed its shoot and eyeing a release by the end of April. The film is directed by Ravi and Chetan while Raju Selvam has produced the film.

Directors Ravi and Chetan said everyone encounters coma in their lives at some point of time. They said be it happiness or sorrow everyone faces coma. They said the film has similar situations. The director duo said they had filmed the movie creatively. They said Bhagawan and Guruprasad had acted in the movie who are directors in their real lives.

Senior film-maker Bhagawan said he had directed 39 films of which 36 of them featured Dr  Rajkumar in the lead. He said he had no misunderstand with Dorai and wished that the two directors work together and give good films together.

Director Suni came to wish the directors as one of them was his classmate.

 The film stars newbies Karthik, Shruthi Nandish and Ranjana Mishra in lead roles. Manikandan has acted as the villain. 

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