he trailer of children’s film ‘Colors’ made simultaneously in Kannada and English was released at a function in Bengaluru on Thursday. The film is directed by Roopa Iyer. A book authored by the director ‘Modern Aadhyatma’ was also released on the occasion by senior journalist Ravi Hegde.

Speaking on the occasion, Roopa Iyer said it took her five years to write a book while thanking the readers for constantly bumping her with ideas, Mahabala Bhat and editor of Udayavani Ravi Hegde. She said senior journalist Vishweshwara Bhat also inspired her to author the book which is a collection of her weekly columns that she penned for a Kannada daily. She said Bhat gave her inputs and thanked them for their presence.

Vishweshwara Bhat said he came to know of Roopa Iyer’s expertise in handling a number of activities with the book launch. He said he enjoyed watching Chandra – Roopa’s last directorial venture.

He said regarding her new film Colors he thought it would be a small film but said the cinema trailer has scared him a bit. He said it was difficult to understand Roopa but added that she will make people of Karnataka proud for making a film in Kannada and English. He said Roopa seems to have made a sincere effort in making Colors.

Ravi Hegde said he found Roopa Iyer’s approach argumentative and said she was a woman of essence while being traditional and at the same time being modern in her outlook. He said Roopa is a bridge between tradition and modernity just like her film looks like.

Senior journalist Jogi said it is a positive development for a director to become a writer and a writer to become a director and welcomed Roopa into the world of literature.

Lahari Velu said Colors looks like an international film and it has not been done to attract subsidy or awards.

Umesh Banakar of KFCC also spoke.

Gautham Srivatsa has composed the background music for the film. Sri is the editor and Ashwin Kadamboor is the cinematographer. The film is produced by India Classic Arts and Friday Films. The movie stars Avarora Mukhina, Yashwant, Rajesh, Gautham Srivatsa, Biradar, Mohan Juneja and Suneel Puranik among others.

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