irector Lucky Shankar who had made ‘90’ with the harmful effects of boozing as a theme and Devaraane has now come up with another social vice that is smoking. He has also blended love with smoking and termed it as social distractions.

Shankar has emphasized on giving up smoking to lead a better and a healthier lifestyle. But, the protagonists pay dearly. There are two love episodes that bloom in the movie as well. The director has effectively and deftly handled both the themes. Just like love hurts the heart smoking damages the lungs.

The film has the rich and poor barrier that comes closer. But, both the girls – Rakshita Ponnamma and Roopashri – are heartbroken in the end. The film has another interesting episode that tackles passive smoking and it is the mother who is at the receiving end. Environmentalist, activist and actor-director Suresh Heblikar supports a public campaign against cigarette in the movie.

Nagashekar is adequate. Ponnamma shows promise. But, it is Roopashri who smokes away and gives away a remarkable and a spirited performance. Sadhu Kokila evokes laughter and Sudha Belawadi has done well as a doctor.

Indrasena’s music is good. The song on cigarette in 22 languages is a tremendous effort and worth listening. Background music is quite good. Ramesh Raj’s camera work goes well with the theme.    

Cigarette is a commendable effort and is aimed at youngsters who fall in love and hit the habit. Director has given a message to all youngsters to kick the smoking habit and stop falling in meaningless love.

annada film‘Cigarette…sedbedi preethi maadbedi’, directed by Lucky Shankar will release in more than 75 theatres across Karnataka on December 11 through Jayanna Combines. The film stars Nagashekar, Roopashri and Ponnamma Rakshita among others. Indrasena has scored the music and Shivu Kabbina is the producer.

Director Shankar told reporters that the film had a deep screenplay which has blended love and smoking as two dangerous distractions of our lives. He said Cigarette is an experimental movie and it has been done tastefully and sweetly. He said Suresh Heblikar’s advice came in handy and music director Indrasena worked with the team for more than a year.

Nagashekar said the film has a social concern and is a love story. He said he had to lose weight in his preparation for the role. He said after consulting a doctor he came to know lungs would become fresh and regain the strength once a person quits smoking for three months. He said Roopashri and Ponnamma acted with a lot of comfort. Nagashekar said he practiced dance for 10 days to get his steps right and Cigarette is his first movie as a full-fledged hero. He said the movie is loaded with a message.

Ponnamma said although she is tomboyish by nature she got a call to play the heroine for the first time in the movie that has a social message.

Music composer Indrasena said Cigarette is a musical movie and a woman-oriented subject. He said that the movie is a comeback film for hime which has six songs and five bit songs including a song on cigarette which has lyrics in 22 languages.

Choreographer Malur Srinivas and Narasimha also spoke.   

‘Cigarette’, a Kannada film will hit the theatres in December through Jayanna Combines who are distributing the film.

Director Lucky Shankar told reporters that the film carries the tagline that loving and smoking are injurious to health. He said the basic premise of the film is to show the ill-effects of both smoking and love. He said in high society people were not so bothered about many things including smoking but there is a longing for companionship at the back of their minds even if they do have a live-in relationship. He said people were eager to know about the movie and added that the concept of ill-effects of smoking had registered in the minds of the people. He said Roopashri had acted well and so has Nagashekar, Ponnamma and Neha Patil.

He said music director Indrasen had composed a six minute song on ill-effects of smoking which will be heard in 22 languages.

Indrasen said the film’s music had a positive feel with actors like Roopashri and Nagashekar acquitting themselves in their roles.

Roopashri said she had an intense role and a bold role to portray in the movie. She said the film is a message oriented one and a reality subject. She said the climax portion of the movie is so intense that she found it difficult to perform. She said she had put in her best and for the first time doctors were sitting around her to okay her shots.

Neha Patil said Cigarette is a colourful film which had a song and a few scenes for her.

Rakshita Ponnamma said she played a girl who is in love and added that her role was bubbly. She said it was because of Nagashekar that she got to play the role.

Nagashekar said the movie has a lot of expectations riding on it and added that he felt that it was a good subject.

ucky Shanker is going in for an international cinema! That is true because ‘cigarette’ is such an addiction found in many parts of this world.

For this film ‘Cigarette’ director Lucky Shanker has made good attempt so that it reaches the different levels. One of the songs of the audio released on Mondayafternoon contains 20 languages words on ill effects of smoking.

The audio of the ‘Cigarette’…Sedbedi Priti Madbedi was released by information minister Roshan Baig son Roman Baig at a crowded Sri Renukamba Digital theatre.

Actor Nagashekhar in the main lead was not present but two heroines Roopasri and Rakshita Ponnamma were present. There are 10 songs in the album and 20 languages song is sung by 16 singers and 20 lyricists. 150 people have worked for this song.

Roman Baig taking the responsibility of his father said he would see to that the audio CD reaches the government offices in New Delhi.

Indrasena has done the music. He was KM Indra in the past. Well known choreographer Malur Srinivas has appeared in a song and dance. 

t was a right thought of director Lucky Shanker to hold the media meet on anti tobacco day May 31 on his film ‘Cigarette’.

With statistics that 70 percent of smokers are today interested in quitting cigarette a film in Kannada ‘Cigarette’ speaks on the ill effects. Director Lucky Shanker of ’90 and Devaraane’ picks up another socially relevant film. It is laced with comedy and serious stuff in Shivshanker film Factory. The shoot for this film was held in People Tree Foundation.

Producer Shiv Kabbin said the intention of this film is very good and we are not making it documentary he says.

On the occasion of trailer launch Dr Divyasri who is working on de addiction said a commercial movie having social message is surprising. Dr Pramod of Kidwai was also present at the trailer launch.

Nagashekhar for the first time in lead role as hero was surprised when the offer came to him. He gave up cigarette to act in ‘Cigarette’ Kannada cinema. In the film Roopasri smokes stated Nagshekhar a hat trick director. This is a commercial film having powerful message and the film is also powerful he says.

Roopasri remembered the campaign she participated in the college days on quit smoking. When the film offer came, I was thrilled to do it she says on the intense character.

Rakshita Ponnamma says in her debut film there are so many good things.

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