annada film ‘Chocolate Boy’ mounted the sets on Wednesday morning at a temple in Bengaluru. The film is being directed by Muthu Kumar and produced by Shashikala Shivakumar Chowdashetty and D Venkatesh Reddy. The film has five heroines and Vidyabharan who won the Mr India South 2016 title is playing the male lead.

Director Muthu Kumar told reporters that Chocolate Boy is a romantic thriller with all the characters in the movie having chocolate names. He said it is second Kannada film and is his sixth film as director. He said songs will shot in Thailand and France while the shoot will be held in Bengaluru and Kodagu.

Producer Shashikala Shivakumar said her son Vidyabharan is a real chocolate boy in terms of his looks while the hero’s father Shivakumar said his son expressed his desire to join the movies after completing his engineering degree. He said the film will be made on a budget on about Rs 3 crore.

Vidyabharan said he plays the chocolate boy who is an attractive boy and how girls also get attracted to him. The film is meant to create a social awareness with a message that people in relationship or in love need to value love as an emotion which is losing its importance. He said he was interested in entering cinema for a long time and that he has prepared himself by learning stunts and dance.

Sanjjannaa said she likes to work with newcomers as they are passionate about making a mark and there is also freshness in approach to work. She said she plays a vital role in the film that takes the film to the climax. She said  the director has trained the hero and the hero seems to be prepared to act with all the five heroines.

Vaishnavi who is popularly known by the screen name of Sannidhi, a character that she plays in teleserial Agni Sakshi said she plays a lawyer in the movie who rescues the hero. She said her role requires some preparation and added that it is her third film.

Advitha Shetty said she plays a model in the film who is a cool and freaky type of girl. Chandana, winner of Princess South India 2016 title, said she plays the lead role whose character name is Vibha in the movie.

Producer Venkatesh Reddy said it is his second film in Kannada with FB another Kannada film being 80 percent over. He said the film is about the girls cheat the boy and how he goes astray because of his involvement with the girls.

Abhinaya, who played the mute girl in Hudugaru is playing another heroine’s role. She was not present at the press meet.

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