hiravada Nenapu, a film that deals with college life and the goings-on in a campus will release on March 11 all over Karnataka. The film stars Gurunandan and Sharanya Gaonkar in lead roles. G Suresh is the producer and Vincent Bernard has directed the movie.

Director Bernard told reporters that the film takes people on a memory ride to college campus where there are fights, controversies, drugs, love, ragging and revolutionary talks. He said the film has a song dedicated to Bendakalooru (Bengaluru) of 1948 and what it is now. Praveen Oliver has composed music for five songs in the movie. Karthik is the cameraman.

Gurunandan of 1st Rank Raju fame said he had finished the film before 1st Rank Raju while thanking producer Suresh for giving him the opportunity. He also clarified that he was ready to dub for Tubelight if there is proper communication from the director. He said he didn’t know who the director was of the film Tubelight and brushed aside talk about his arrogance.

Gurunandan said Chiravada Nenapu is about one enemy, one friend  and the gang war within the campus.

Producer Suresh said the film has good music with Ravi Hunsur and Chetan penning the lyrics.

Sharanya Gaonkar who hails from Karwar said she was working as an associate director but is playing the female lead in the movie. She said she plays a college girl who is attached to her family.

Jaijagadish said he was playing the college principal in the movie. He wished the team good luck and hoped that the film will become successful like 1st Rank Raju in which he played the role of school principal.

Vidya Murthy said she had played a small role in the movie. Snehith Gowda said he plays the gang leader of a rival camp in the college campus.

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