warakish Chitra’s 50th production ‘Chauka’ has won appreciation from public and is steadily improving its collections at the box-office. This was indicated by Yogish Dwarakish and the film’s distributor Jack Manju at a press briefing this week.

Jack Manju said collections for the movie had improved from the date of release steadily and is seeing family audiences slowly flocking to the theatres. He said the movie is doing well in Mumbai Karnataka region and added that he was thrilled with the response especially in a single screen theatre where families booked their tickets to see the movie.

Director Tarun Sudhir said he was happy to have directed Dwarakish’s 50th film and also getting a pat on his back from the producer for making the movie. Tarun said the film’s length has been cut by at least 15 minutes and the running time is around two hours 42 minutes now.

Prem said Hakki Gopal role created for him in the film has won him recognition and recognition. Prajwal Devaraj said the movie was emotionally special to him as Dwarakish has described it as one of his best films. He said he was born during the making of Dance Raja Dance in which Devaraj had acted as a villain and now he was working in Dwarakish’s 50thfilm. Diganth said people who watched the film have given their own interpretation to roles which gave him happiness.

Dwarakish said he was indebted to the people of Karnataka for producing 50 films in his 55 years of cinema journey. He said he regretted that he couldn’t do 100 films because of 18 years of struggle and failures that pulled him down. However, he said he didn’t run away from the business and said he tried hard during those 18 years. He said Rajkumar made him a producer and he became close friend of Vishnuvardhan with whom he has acted in 19 films.

He urged today’s directors to be more mathematical in their approach to film-making and not exceed the brief. He said films had to be made in a fixed period and released early and also the length of the film was an important determining factor for the success.

Dwarakish expressed his gratitude to Darshan for making a special appearance in the movie. He said Darshan’s father Toogudeepa Srinivas was a regular feature in all his films and so it was like family for Darshan to act in Dwarakish Chitra.

he motion poster and first look of Chauka, a Kannada film produced by Dwarakish B S and his son Yogish Dwarakish was released at a function in Bengaluru on Thursday. The film stars Vijay Raghavendra, Prem, Prajwal Devaraj and Diganth in lead roles. The film marks the debut of late actor Sudhir’s son Tarun Kishore Sudhir as a director.

Prem said Chauka is a film that is entertaining with a message. He said the film will connect well with the audiences. Diganth who is nursing an eye injury said it is an honour to be part of Dwarakish Chitra’s 50th film. Vijay Raghavendra said he plays Surya Shetty, a rich guy from Mangaluru and the story happens in 2000. Prajwal Devaraj said his father had acted in Dance Raja Dance produced by Dwarakish when he was born and now he is acting in the same production banner’s 50th film. He said he plays Mohammed Anwar who is a patriot to the core.

Producer Yogish Dwarakish said their production banner had made all kinds of films but he said Chauka will be another film altogether. He said the banner was interesting in producing something that was slightly out of the usual commercial format while still being a commercial film. He said Chauka fitted into that category after Tarun narrated the story to him.

The legendary comedian’s son said 25 technicians had worked in the movie and he said for the first time a Kannada film is partnering with a corporate house.

Director Tarun Sudhir said there was no tension in casting for his movie. But, he said he hesitated to ask actors if they were interested to work in his movie. Tarun said he thought Prem would not agree to come on board as he was doing well as a solo hero and whether he would agree to work in a multi-starrer film. He said it was the same with Prajwal. But, he said he hit it off with Diganth during the CCL matches.

Tarun Sudhir who moved from acting to become a director said once Dwarakish Chitra agreed to produce the film it took him another year to rewrite the whole script. Tarun also expressed his anxiety to pick up the technicians for the film. He said the film has four stories that happen in four different places and four timelines that merge towards the end. One storyline is in 1980s, the second one in 1990s, the third in early 2000s and the last in late 2000s. He said the script demanded five cinematographers in the movie and five music composers. S Krishna, Satya Hegde, Santosh Rai Pathaje, Sudhakar S Raj and Shekar Chandru are the cinematographers while Gurukiran, V Harikrishna, Sridhar Sambram, Arjun Janya and Anoop Seelin are the five music composers. Arjun Janya will be providing the background music. The film has five dialogue writers, five art directors and five lyricists.

Tarun Sudhir said the first copy of the film will be out in a month, he said. The film has a song, a fight sequence and the climax that are pending to be shot.

agpiper Soda, a flagship brand of United Spirits has partnered with Dwarakish Chitra’s for the production house 50th film Chauka marking the entry of the brand into the Kannada cinema market.

Debashish Shyam, senior vice-president – marketing of United Spirits told reporters that the film’s script was in sync with the company’s brand image. He said the company didn’t want to become a marketing partner but instead use its assets to help the people reach the people.

He said Chauka aims to project a positive message to the society and through this association Bagpiper Soda will be an integrated title partner across content, promotions and box-office performance of the film. The partnership will also see Bagpiper Soda promoting the film through a television commercial campaign with the basic plot of the film, he said. The ad has been on air across Kannada channels during the production phase and will continue during the promotion phase as well, Shyam said.

Producer Yogish Dwarakish said the production house’s association with Bagpiper Soda will help them (production house) to reach a larger audience through the co-branded marketing initiatives.

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