orror movie Chandrika is running successfully and is attracting audiences to a fair extent, according to its director Yogesh. He told reporters that the movie is being screened in 28 theatres during the second week and is sure to bring back return on investment.

Girish Karnad said he was happy with the success of Kannada films. He said he had been getting roles that were either that of father, grandfather or that of a politician. But, in Chandrika he said he got an opportunity to play a teacher which is a welcome change for him.

Jayaram Karthik, who is popularly known as JK said he had expressed unhappiness over the initial collection. But, he said the film had picked up and hoped that the producer V Asha would be able to get back investment as the film was released in Kannada and Telugu. He said he is now getting many acting offers. His Tamil film Veera Dheera Shooran will be releasing soon in which he is playing a villain, he said.

JK also said he was preparing himself to build muscle for a Hindi serial that will be telecast on Star Plus channel. He said he had been signed to play Ravana in the serial. 

A cake was also cut to celebrate Chandrika’s steady progress on the occasion.

handrika, a bilingual horror thriller film made in Kannada and Telugu will release on September 24 and September 25 respectively. The film stars Jayaram Karthik, Kamna Jethmalani, Srimukhi and Chandrakala Mohan among others. Chandrika is directed by Yogesh and produced by V Asha.

Director Yogesh told journalists on Saturday that the movie is based on his mentor Sajid Qureshi’s story. The film is about student-teacher bonding and husband and wife relationship.

Actor turned politician N L Narendra Babu said Chandrika is a new experiment with a new message as director has not compromised on quality.

Kamna Jethmalani who is now settled in Bengaluru said she is still new to Kannada cinema. She plays a classical dancer and teaches kathak to young students. The movie is about how life changes with the entry of JK into her life for whom until life revolves around herself, her dance and her family.

Kamna said Chandrika is not a horror film but a thriller movie and a family entertainer. She said she had never done a full-fledged role in Kannada.

Jayaram Karthik said he was sceptical about doing a horror film but liked the quality  after he saw the promo that the director had cut. He said he accepted the offer also because it gave him an opening in Telugu cinema. He said his onscreen chemistry with Kamna improved after they canned the song in the beginning. JK also praised Srimukhi’s performance and  said director had drawn good performances from all.

JK said Chandrika is technically a good movie. Gunavant has scored the music which has four duets. He said he plays a painter in the movie who goes on to become an international painter after meeting Girish Karnad’s character. He said both the female character revolved around him in the movie.

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