ewly elected president of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Sa Ra Govindu and H D Gangaraju, president of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce released the music and launched the trailer of the movie Care of Footpath 2 that is directed by S S Kishan.

Sa Ra Govindu wished Kishan all the best in the movie’s journey to the Oscars and extended all support from the Kannada film industry. Gangaraju also wished the team good luck.

Kishan told journalists that the film Care of Footpath will be screened in the US from November 6 to 13. The Oscar qualifying round will start on Nov 6 in Los Angeles where members of the academy will be present to watch the movie. He said a copy had been sent to the academy already. He said a publicist had been hired to help the team get reviews for the movie and other promotional activity. After the screening in the initial rounds, Srikanth said the movie will be taken to LA County and NY County where the movie will be screened for reviews and publicity.

Srikanth said the Kannada, Telugu and Hindi versions of the movie will be released simultaneously in India on Nov 27. He said the Telugu version is titled Manjha and the Hindi version is titled Kill them Young.

Kishan said Care of Footpath 2 is a point of view cinema that elicits opinions and is not judgemental on the problem of juvenile delinquents. Audiences are free to form their own opinions after watching the movie, he said.

Jayaram Karthik said he was excited that the movie is entering Oscars contest.

Avika Gor said her role in the movie was different from the romantic and lovey-dovey roles that she has been getting in Telugu. She said although she was playing herself it made her nervous that the role was so natural and realistic. She said now that the movie is going to Oscars it is making her feel even more nervous. Avika said she plays the girl next door and it is not nice what happens to her character in the movie. She said it was the best character in her career so far.

Punjabi Giri Kaman has sung a song that is being used as a promotional number. Baba Sehgal has sung it in Telugu. Vinay Patil is the producer of the songs in the three languages.

very bright youngster Kishan has taken up a sequel to his Guinness Record film ‘Care of Footpath’ made in 2006. In this sequel he is not touching the education part but indulging in juvenile crime and aftermath. The sequel is not a takeoff from the part I but it deals with separate story.

Master Kishan then at the age of 9 directed the film and today he is 17 years of age directing ‘Care of Footpath-2’. Devaraj Pandey exhibitor is producer of this film.

Shafiq Syed of ‘Salam Bombay’ is acting in this film as Paan shop owner and he is returning after 25 years to acting.

Kishan is making this film in Hindi and Kannada. Shooting in only Bangalore and seeking permission from government of Karnataka for getting live locations.

Speaking to media Kishan says when he was in Egypt the subject came to his mind from a journalist question in the media meet. The award at Egypt which Kishan received is after Amitabh Bachchan from the Indian cinema industry.

For the subject Kishan has done some survey in the last two years. He has consulted NGO’s, discussed with juvenile crime youths who are shaped up well in life today for the subject matter. This film is educative and also entertaining says Kishan. For screenplay and editing he is consulting a few in the south Indian cinema industry.

Shafiq Syed running an auto for his livelihood today was moved with the phone call from Kishan. I have accepted with complete happiness he says.

Ramcharan actor of over 15 films in Tamil is playing one of the lead roles in this film. Hari is scoring music for the film. Makesh is the cameraman.

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