annada film Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara will release on June 10 all over Karnataka and Basha will distribute the movie. The movie is directed by Swaroop while it is produced by Harish G Shankar and co-produced by Ajay and Abhi. The film stars Anjan Dev, Sunil, Preetham, Aishwarya, Keerthilakshmi and Jeevitha in lead roles.

Director Swaroop told reporters that the film ran into a lot of financial problems during its making and several portions of the film were reshot which was the reason for a slight delay in bringing it to the theatres.

He reiterated that his film had nothing to do with the 1988 film that had an ensemble cast of Anant Nag, Ambarish and Ravichandran except for the title. He said professions in his movie were not the same as the older one. He said Jayalakshmi will be a special attraction in a cameo role that lasts 15 minutes after the interval which will be truly entertaining.

Swaroop said Puneeth Rajkumar has a special relationship with the film and only after watching the movie will the audiences come to know of what it is.

Producer Harish Shankar said there was no compromise on songs, locales and screen presence of artistes.

Anjan Dev said he plays Brahma who is a director in the film while Sunil who plays Vishnu said he was wondering why the director was canning so many shots. But, he said after seeing the movie he realized that the director was right. Preetham who plays Maheshwara said he has two  shades to his character and has signed two Kannada films Rajdhani 2 and Love is Back.

Harish Nayak is the cameraman.

Keerthilakshmi said she plays a simple and a decent girl who is paired opposite Anjan Dev and is the hero’s inspiration.  

Distributor Basha said he liked the movie, songs and sequences which have some thrilling moments. He said the film team had boldly come forward to compete against Darshan’s film Jaggu Dada which is releasing on the same day.

gramm Srimurali released the audio of the film Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara at Chamundeshwari Studios on Monday. The film is directed by Swaroop and produced by Harish G Shankar. The movie is co-produced by Ajay and Abhi. The film stars Anjan Dev, Sunil, Preetham, Keerthilakshmi, Aishwarya and Jeevika in lead roles. 

Speaking on the occasion, Srimurali said it feels like rewinding the film’s music to listen to it again and again on Youtube. He said the new actors were also lucky that actors who acted in the earlier film of the same title were around to bless the new actors. 

Director Swaroop said the title will remind audiences of the 1988 film but he said there is no relation between the old film and the new film even with respect to the names of heroes in the new movie. He said names of the heroes are not that of the title and the professions are also not the same as the older version.

He said Jayalakshmi is a special attraction of the film who will enter after the interval and entertain audiences in a cameo role that will last 15 minutes. 

Jayalakshmi said this was her first movie appearance and added that Salman Khan was also a special attraction of the movie. To know how she said people should watch the movie. Jayalakshmi said she felt that she could have done better. 

Music composer Anoop Seelin said Ugramm set the trend for the change that Kannada cinema is witnessing. The song Hollywood…that was written some time ago  seems apt now, he said. Anoop said he will begin work on background music soon.

Anjan Dev said he plays Brahma who is a director in the film, while Sunil said he plays Vishnu who is a flirt and an irresponsible guy. Preetham who is from theatre said he had two shades to his character. 

Keerthilakshmi said she plays a simple and a decent girl who is pursuing fine arts. She said she had designed costumes and acted in the movie as well. Jeevika said she plays a medico and has danced to the song ‘why should boys have all the fun’.

he 1988 Kannada film ‘Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara’ starring Ambarish, Ananthnag and V Ravichandran with three counterparts Mahalakshmi, Kiran Juneja and Tulasi was well received in the box office for Rohini Pictures and it was directed by Rajachandra.

After 25 years the same title repeats with young breed of actors – Anjan Dev, Sunil, Preetham Puneeth with Meghana, Jeevitha and Sanjana. This 2013 ‘Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara’ is directed by Swarup a long time associate director in the camp of Dinesh Baboo, Upendra and Sadhu Kokila.  Latest BVH is produced by Mysore Krishna.

The film went on the floor at Kanteerava Studio in Bangalore. There is no reference to the quarter century ago made film says Swarup. It is a film about love and friendship he explains.

Anjan is Brahma, Preetham is Maheshwara and Sunil is Vishnu. Anjan from Rangayana background, Sunil has modeling background and Preetham from Mandya has a role close to his nature learnt stunt and dance for the film.

Sanjana acted in ‘Panganama’ has a bubbly role. Meghana from modeling is from Fine Art studies, Jeevitha has role that comes after interval. There is one more heroine Aishwarya from Mysore worked in modeling.

Anoop Seelin is scoring music and became a friend via face book.

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