‘Birth’ will release in 70 theatres all over Karnataka on June 3. The film is directed by Shivu Holalu and produced by Chandrashekar. The film stars Sriki and Duniya Rashmi in lead roles.

Director Shivu Holalu told reporters that the team has applied to Guinness Book of Records for being a unique film. He said the hero and heroine in the movie will not be lip synching or moving their lips but they will be communicating through their minds and hearts with each other. However, the audiences will get to hear what the hero or the heroine is thinking or talking as the characters are directly interacting with the audiences and not with themselves.

Holalu said this is the first attempt of its kind where only the audiences will hear what the characters are talking. He said it is a story of two tribal groups and each one wants to become the king. Who becomes the king is what the story is all about.

The director said the film has been shot in Tavarekere bhoot bungalow.

Producer Chandrashekar is playing the main villain of the film. His sons in real life Dhanush and Tejas have also acted in the movie. While Dhanush plays a visually impaired boy, Tejas plays the villain’s son.

Chandrashekar said Birth is a universal subject and that he plans to dub it into other languages.

Sriki said the film is a rebirth for him as he said he has acted in the movie out of desire after Olave Mandara. Duniya Rashmi said she plays a tribal girl in the movie adding that she believes that the film will give her a rebirth.  

irth, a Kannada film without dialogues had its audio released by Raghu Dixit at a function in Bengaluru. The film is directed by Shivu Holalu and produced by Chandrashekar. The film stars Sriki and Duniya Rashmi in lead roles. Shankar has scored the music for five songs in the movie.

Director Shivu Holalu said the film is all set to enter the record books for being a movie without dialogues. The hero and the heroine do not mouth dialogues but the director said the audiences will understand what they are saying asthey are expressions and emotions could be understood by all. He said the audiences will get to hear what the character is saying in his mind though the other characters in the scene cannot hear what is being said.

The director said the film is an universal subject that could be dubbed into other languages. He said animals don’t worry about tomorrow but a man gets into a tussle and fight because of his ambitions and likes. Shivu Holalu said man should celebrate his birth in a better way.

The film is about the leadership tussle between two groups and who becomes the leader.

Producer Chandrashekar has acted as a villain in the film. He has introduced his school going sons Tejas and Dhanush to play important roles in the film.

Sriki said the film is about what happens in a tribal forest and added that Danny’s action is unique. He said the film will go to the awards jury for being a different film.

Duniya Rashmi said she plays a tribal queen in the movie. She said she had performed rope stunts without using a dupe.

Srimurali has done the voiceover in the interval and in the climax. C Music has acquired the music rights of the film.

Different Danny said Sriki and Rashmi in particular had performed stunts well. In fact, in the movie he said no legs, hands or head have been used to do the stunts.

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