he Kannada version of Kotigobba 2 starring Sudeep grossed Rs 17 crore in the first four days of its release across Karnataka after its release last Friday. According to distributors, the collections of the film are unprecedented breaking all previous records for any Sudeep film.

Jack Manju, one of the distributors of the film said the film released in 385 theatres all over Karnataka and the collections for the movie was the highest in multiplexes.

For the first time six of the seven distributors of a film came together to announce that a film (in this case Kotigobba 2) is smashing box-office collection records in all their territories.

Jack Manju who has bought the distribution rights for BKT region said the collections during the first four days since its release was equal to that of a week’s collection thanks to Sudeep, Ravishankar and their combination.

Manju said all the distributors wanted to come together to express their happiness over the film’s initial collections.

The distributor for Hubballi region said the film will recover for him his investment in a week. Another distributor for Mysuru, Mandya, Hassan, Coorg, Kollegal and Chamarajanagar appreciated Sudeep for being with him during the release and thanked all of them for the success.

Producer Soorappa Babu said he did not have any problems with the distributors here because he was more focused on releasing the Tamil version. He apologized to Sudeep for his behaviour and for blaming the actor in delaying the project. He said he wanted the film project to get over in six months but it took more than 15 months to hit the theatres.

Ravishankar said he is happy to be part of the success in his fifth film with Sudeep. He said he was happy to have worked with director K S Ravikumar who has made so many blockbusters with big stars.

Sudeep said he is hearing about his film doing brisk business for the first time. He said he is happy for the distributors and that doesn’t want anything from them. He said he didn’t want something that was not owned by him. He said the film is doing well probably due to Kotigobba’s blessings.

He said he owed the film's initial success to director KSR, writer Shiva, producer Babu and all co-artistes and technicians. He said he was overwhelmed by the tweets he got from the Tamil industry and the media reviews. He said Ravishankar is an epitome of goodness and added that his performance was enhanced due to Ravishankar’s presence. Sudeep said he wanted to be identified by the roles and characters that he played in his films and not by the box-office collections.

The Below pic's are taken by Kiccha Sudeep

irector K S Ravikumar has come up with a commercial film that is packaged well. He has picturised the hero’s heist methodology uniquely and has added a love angle to make it a 100 percent commercial offering. Sudeep has two characters – one is that of a good realtor and the other one is a Robin Hood style specialist who steals black money from real villains to buy property in a rich country and settle down there.

Sudeep manages to do justice to both the characters effectively. One character dies in an encounter and the other is alive. The truth is known in the end. Nithya Menen impresses with her performance as she delivers in a commercial film that has Sudeep all over. Music director Imman is impressive and so is Rajarathinam’s camera work. Credit should definitely go to director Ravikumar for he knows what the masses want. Ravishankar, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila and Nassar keep up the tempo of the film while Devaraj and Prakash Rai carry it along later in the film.  

The whole film is an entertainment package for the audiences and especially for Sudeep’s fans. The film doesn’t disappoint film buffs who go for their regular dose of entertainment.

ichcha Sudeep’s much-awaited bilingual film Kotigobba 2 (in Kannada) and Mudinja Ivana Pudi (in Tamil) will release on the festival day of Varamahalakshmi Vrata on August 12 in a record number of more than 1000 theatres. The film held its maiden press conference ahead of its release. The film is directed by K S Ravikumar and produced by M B Babu (Soorappa Babu).

Director K S Ravikumar told reporters that the film is not a remake but a straight subject. He said the title is catchy in Kannada and Tamil. In Kannada he said the title gives an indication that the film is a sequel to Vishnuvardhan’s film Kotigobba. In Tamil the title Mudinja Ivana Pudi means catch me if you can which indicates that the film is a complete commercial entertainment package.

The director said Sudeep plays two characters in the film without specifying whether it is a double role or just a character with two shades. He said he is doing a bilingual film for the first time which was a new experience for him. He said police uniforms in two states were different and so even the wide shots had to be done twice which was a lot of work for the team.

Ravikumar, popularly known as KSR in South Indian cinema said Kotigobba 2 is a high voltage action drama and is glad that he is debuting as a director in Kannada cinema while promising that he will speak in Kannada once he finishes his second film in the language.

The director said Nithya Menen came in as a surprise to play the female lead as he has never done a commercial film so far.

The film has been shot in Bengaluru, Mysuru and the climax portions were shot in Ooty.

Nithya Menen said she plays a cute, happy girl who comes from a small town in the movie. She said her role is pivotal to the plot as she brings about a change in the hero and how she does that is for the audiences to see. She said she accepted to listen to the story when it came to her because it was a Sudeep’s film. 

The young actress said she was blown away by Sudeep’s performance in Eega which was the reason to work with him and also because he played an antagonist in the movie. 

She said Kotigobba 2 is her first commercial film which she found it shocking initially to work on the sets but came around as the team jelled well. Nithya said her character suited her although it’s a Sudeep’s film.

She said she wanted to bridge the gap between a performance-oriented role that she prefers and a regular commercial film which has more reach and appeal. She said it was inevitable that she had to take up such roles as an actress.

Sudeep said it was the producer’s call to go with the title Kotigobba which was produced by him. He said there was a lot of controversy centring around him with the title of an earlier film. So, he said he insisted that a different title be kept for the film. But, as the film’s shoot progressed he said the title that the producer wanted to go ahead was more appropriate. He said only Vishnuvardhan is Kotigobba to him. 

He said his role in the film is that of Gandu-Mahagandu, Shoora-Mahashoora or Sudeep-Sudeepa without specifying more than this.

Sudeep said people especially his fans have waited for more than a year to see him back on screen. He said people have to wait for another two days to see the movie. He said the film’s muhurta was held in Bengaluru while the audio release was held in Chennai. The audio release happened there because the team had to clarify that this was not a dubbed film but a film that is being shot simultaneously in two languages, he said. 

Moreover, Sudeep said Anand Audio is entering the Tamil audio market through this film. He said for producer Babu doing business in Tamil Nadu was new and so he has been staying there to oversee all the dealings. 

ichcha Sudeep’s much-awaited bilingual film Kotigobba 2 (in Kannada) and Mudinja Ivana Pudi (in Tamil) will release on the festival day of Varamahalakshmi Vrata on August 12 in a record number of 1000 theatres. Kotigobba has got a U certificate from the censors without any cuts and the Tamil version has also been certified a U.

The film is being distributed by Jack Manju in Kannada who plans to release the Kannada version in more than 300 theatres across Karnataka. The Tamil version is being distributed by Ashok Samraj who is planning to release the movie in more than 400 theatres. The Tamil version will release in Kerala and the number of theatres in the state is likely to touch 100. The Kannada version will release in multiplexes outside Karnataka while the Tamil version is expected to release overseas. However,  there is no news about the Kannada film’s release overseas.

Kotigobba 2 stars Sudeep and Nithya Menen. The film is directed by K S Ravikumar. D Imman has scored the music. The film is produced by Soorappa Babu. Rajaratinam is the cameraman.

huge street set has been erected at the Kanteerava Studio, Bengaluru where the shoot for Sudeep’s new bilingual tentatively titled Kotigobba 2 is under way. Ace Tamil director K S Ravikumar is directing the film. Sudeep, Sadhu Kokila, Veena Sunder and a few child artistes were seen at the shoot. 

Soorappa Babu is producing the film that is being made in Kannada and Tamil. A permanent road set has been laid in the same location at a cost of Rs 3.9 lakh which could be used by other producers as well, according to Soorappa Babu. 

Although Babu had himself confirmed the title of the film as Kotigobba 2, sources now say that the title will not be Kotigobba 2 as decided earlier. 

Producer Soorappa Babu had produced Kotigobba 14 years ago with Vishnuvardhan in the lead. Babu had announced that he would make a film with Sudeep long back. The film was to be written by Suresh Krishna but now the mantle of directing Sudeep’s film has fallen on K S Ravikumar. Kotigobba, which was a remake of Tamil film Baasha was a big hit that starred Vishnuvardhan and Priyanka.

Kotigobba title is held by Babu himself and there is likely to be no problem as far the title is concerned. Sudeep’s earlier film Vishnuvardhana was mired in controversy following opposition from Bharathi Vishnuvardhan and producer Dwarakish’s refusal to change the title. Vishnuvardhana went on to become a money spinner at the box-office.

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