hale Jodi, a Kannada film which is a remake of Telugu hit Ala Modalindi is readying for a release in 100 theatres across Karnataka on February 19. The film is produced by Shailendra Babu and directed by Kokila Sadhu. The film stars Sumanth Shailendra and Shanvi Srivastava in lead roles.

Shailendra Babu told reporters that Bhale Jodi is the 16th movie in their banner which is a family entertainer like all his earlier films. He said the film got delayed due to Sadhu Kokila’s busy schedule. He said the film had gone ahead with the cut suggested by the Censors and that they didn’t approach the tribunal to contest the censor decision as it would further delay the film’s release.

Sadhu Kokila said he had also scored the music for the film. He said he had sung a song on mother sentiment in the movie. The movie has combination scenes of Sumalatha versus Sumanth and Sumanth versus Ravishankar that had worked out well. Sadhu said although the film is a remake changes were made to suit local tastes and nativity.

Sadhu said Bhale Jodi is a journey movie and it starts with the heroine narrating the story.

Shanvi Srivastava said she is reprising Nitya Menen’s role. She said she had tried her best to match Nitya Menen’s performance.

Sumanth Shailendra said he is excited that the film is finally getting ready for a release. He said it is purely a family entertainer. He said Haripriya and Harshika have appeared in a song.

Jai Anand is the cinematographer and Joni Harsha is the editor.  

usic composer Gurukiran released the music album of the film Bhale Jodi on Monday night at a function in Bengaluru.

Speaking on the occasion, Gurukiran lamented that audio rights for a film had declined drastically in recent times which was alarming.

The film is directed by Sadhu Kokila and it stars Sumanth Shailendra, Shanvi Srivastava, Haripriya and Harshika Poonacha.

Sadhu Kokila said he had moulded Sumanth in this role and that he has picked up different acting experience with this movie. He said the screenplay was good and Ravishankar had acted exceptionally well. Sadhu Kokila said he had sung a mother sentiment song for Sumalatha.

Sadhu Kokila said he had completed the film in one year although he used to take two years to complete a film normally. The film has been shot in Baindoor and Sakleshpura, he said.

Producer Shailendra Babu said the film is at the re-recording stage. He said Sadhu Kokila had made the film with all his heart and soul.

Shanvi Srivastava said after Chandralekha she had done this film which had a lot of scope for her to perform.

Sumanth Shailendra said Sadhu Kokila is a multitalented actor and a technician. He said Sadhu knew how to draw good performances from his artistes. He said Shanvi has been a perfectionist in her role. He said Haripriya appears in a song with Sumalatha also acting in the film.

The trailer of the movie was shown. A few song snippets were also shown. Aditya Music from Hyderabad has brought out the music album.

roducer Shailendra Babu’s production venture that is directed by Sadhu Kokila is now titled Bhale Jodi. The film, which is a remake of Telugu film Ala Modalindi, stars Sumanth Shailendra, Shanvi Srivastava, Haripriya, Harshika Poonacha and Ravishankar among others.

The film has almost completed its talkie portion and the song picturisation is now on.

Addressing journalists at the studio where a special pub set was erected, producer Shailendra Babu said the song picturisation portion has begun. He said two songs will be shot in Thailand at the virgin locales of Huoinn and Changrai where a white Buddhist temple had been identified for the purpose.

Talking about the pub set, he said the set costed the unit Rs 22 lakh which included employing 24 dancers from Bengaluru and Chennai. The special song was being picturised on Sumanth and Haripriya.

Choreographer Chinni Prakash said the number had Bollywood style of picturisation. He praised Sumanth for his capability to do tough dancing steps without saying no to anything that was put forward to him. He said Haripriya is equally good and can pick up well. Prakash said the number has speed and energy with three costume changes. “We want this song to be the best number in the movie. I don’t want to do any editing jugglery but instead I want to make the artistes and dancers dance,” he said.  

Sumanth said he liked the original Telugu romantic comedy film adding that he is playing a lover boy who is attached to his mother but concentrated on his work as well. Sumanth complimented Haripriya as someone cool, experienced and sweet.

Haripriya said she was nervous initially while working with Chinni Prakash during the shoot of Sagar. She said she had become comfortable and is now getting into the groove for doing fast movements. Haripriya said her song sequence would provide the twist to the story adding that she is mending her dancing skills while working with Sadhu Kokila as director for the first time.

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