‘Bethangere’, a real life story will release on October 30 across Karnataka. The film is produced by B N Swamy and is written and directed by Mohan Gowda. The film stars Akshay, Sumanth Shailendra and Naina Sarwar in lead roles.

Producer Swamy told journalists that the film progressed after Akshay’s entry. He said Akshay is the backbone of the movie as he not only guided the team but also supported the team by taking it along with his producer father Venkatappa. He said all talents have come together in the movie and given their best. Bethangere is a real story that gives audience a feeling that it is happening right before your eyes.

Director Mohan Gowda said Bethangere is a controversial subject. He said he used the media to overcome fear. He said the story begins from the first scene itself and the movie has not digressed from the original story. Venu’s camerawork is done in a single tint to go with the theme. Music, editing and fights are all exceptional, he said.

Mohan Gowda who is part of Bethangere family said he found Shankara in Akshay and Seena in Sumanth who have both worked hard together. Cricketer Vinod Kambli plays the character of Junglee who comes with a bald pate. All the original names were used but the censors objected and hence Shankara became Shekara and Seena became Shiva, Mohan Gowda said. The film has got a U/A certificate.

Akshay said he didn’t want to act in movies after the cold treatment that his earlier film Silk got from the box-office and the industry. He said he wondered why he chose films after doing his engineering and it has been eight years since he entered the industry. He said he saw his father in producer Swamy who had the passion to make this movie.

Akshay said he hoped that this film would give him a break as an action hero and added that all the artistes have justified their presence.

Sumanth said he didn’t know about Bethangere as he didn’t study about crime or rowdyism. He said he is a movie buff. But when he discussed the story with his friends he came to know the force. He said Bethangere is a raw story that required raw acting. He said he saw clips and studied the character adding that he was given three to four months to groom himself. Sumanth said the director narrated the story emotionally as it was his own family story. He also said there was a lot of competition between himself and Akshay. He said he learnt to wield the machete.

Naina Sarwar said she plays Seena’s lover in the movie. She said she didn’t take the offer seriously as she was studying her I BCom when she started work on the movie. She said her family and friends to go for the movie offer seriously. Naina said the film opened the doors to many opportunities.

Stunt director Kaurava Venkatesh said he has worked in 960 films as a stunt director. He said he fought with the director over composing the action scenes. He said the film has four killings and a few fights. He said the film has real fights and added that no ropes were used in the stunts.

‘Bethenegere’ is in news from last one year for killings. Last September Bethenegere Seena was fun downed by police. Now a film with the title ‘Bethenegere’ launched at Kanteerava Studios and none other than brother of siblings Shankra and Seena – Mohan is directing the film. Mohan was servant in the house of noted director S Narayan. It is a safe place he felt. When brother are real life rowdies he was quietly leading a life. Even S Narayan was not aware of family background of Mohan working in his house.

I was cleaning car and Bachchalu (toilet) in the house of S Narayan. His wife is like ‘Thayi’ to me. In this film ‘Bethenegere’ I am telling not to go for rowdy activities.

A law graduate BN Swamy has carefully thought on his investment. We have acquired rights from the family members of ‘Shankra and Seena’.

The two swashbuckling heroes are Akshay of Ganga Cauvery and Silk… and Sumanth of Aata and Dilwala. They play siblings. The commercial elements for the duo are impressive. Nayana newcomer is happy and nervous.

It is in this film Vinod Kambli is playing the role of Junglee. It is very special role. Different Danny is handling stunts. It is all natural action. I see ‘Aa Dinagalu’ shades in this film says DD.

Jagadish Wali is not getting any decoration and bringing reality in commercial set up.

enowned director Ram Gopal Verma released the audio of Kannada film Bethangere at a function in Bengaluru on Monday night.

Addressing the audiences, he said he believed in realistic cinema as much as he loved real life characters right from the time he made Shiva. He said he hoped that Bethangere will live up to the expectations of being a realistic cinema.

The film is being directed by Mohan Gowda and produced by M N Swamy. Rajesh Ramanath has scored the music. The film stars Akshay, Sumanth Shailendra and Nayana in lead roles.

Mohan Gowda said he had watched Rakta Charitra 13 times which inspired him to do a film like that. He said he considered Ravichandran and Ram Gopal Verma as his guru and dushman. He said when it came to song picturisation Ravichandran was an inspiration and when it is picturisation of fights Ram Gopal Verma was an inspiration.

Music director Rajesh Ramanath was at a loss of words to express his gratitude and happiness to have Ram Gopal Verma release his music album.

Producer Swamy also spoke.

Sumanth who plays Bethangere Seena in the movie said the film had been in the making for two-and-a-half years. He said he was happy to be part of realistic story that required the team to shoot in realistic locales. He said he was playing a role in a realistic movie for the first time.

Akshay, who plays Seena’s brother Shankar said he liked the story and wanted to be part of the action. He said RGV was an inspiration for this movie and Venu’s camerawork was commendable.

Heroine Nayana who is acting in her first movie said she loved the Neeli Neeli song. She said Bethangere had opened up opportunities for her as she is currently doing four Kannada films and one Tamil film.

Jaijagadish welcomed RGV to Kannada cinema and invited him to do more and more good Kannada films. Lyricist Nagendra Prasad also spoke.

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