ablusha, a historical family thriller, written and directed by Venkat Bharadwaj will release in about 45 theatres all over Karnataka on September 2. The film is produced by C V Shivashankar who has also written the dialogues with Vinay Shastry and Venkat Bharadwaj. The film stars Mrudula Bhasker, Harsh Arjun, Mani Shetty, Avinash and Shobhraj among others. Vishwajit B Rao is the cinematographer and Sunny Mahadevan has scored the music. Nandu Jabezz has scored the background music.

Director Bharadwaj who had earlier made ‘A Day in the City’ said the film is based on a true incident that took place during the Vijayanagara Empire in the year 1515. He said he had met a few people residing in Raichur and Hampi, who shared the story which revolves around a family in Mallinathapura. The film is a family subject with sports as its backdrop.

The director said the film focuses on kusti or wrestling for which he auditioned 480 candidates and selected three of them who were six footers and above besides being well built. Harsh Arjun and Mani Shetty are the two lead actors. Supreme Subbu is the stunt master. He said art direction was done by villagers of Kaggala in Malavalli where the film was shot for 24 days. The film was also shot in the jungle. Bharadwaj said he made sure not to use graphics in the film or even ropes while shooting action scenes.

Mrudhula Basker is in the female lead with Baby Shamaa playing an important role.

The film premiered in North Carolina, US last week and is releasing in Karnataka this week.

ablusha, a Kannada film which has completed its shoot launched its audio at a function in Mantri Mall in Bengaluru on Friday evening. The film is produced by professionals from the IT-BT sector and is directed by Venkatesh Bharadwaj, son of C V Shivashankar.

Director Venkatesh Bharadwaj told journalists that Bablusha is a period film that goes back to Vijayanagar empire when Krishnadevaraya was ruling. He said a few incidents have been taken and made into a film. The film has kusti (wrestling). He said Bablusha could be a name, place or even an agarbati without disclosing the details of the film.

Bharadwaj said 480 people were auditioned to cast them as heroes and two of them who are six footers have been selected. Manish Shetty who played the villain in Siddhartha is one of them and Harsha Arjun, a theatre artiste from Vijayapura is the other one. Harsha Arjun has already acted in a few films. Mridula Bhaskar who is playing the heroine said she is happy to be working in her first Kannada film.

The film has four songs for which Sunny Mahadevan has scored the music. One song pertains to kusti, another one is on the board game chauka bara while the third one is a romantic song and the fourth song is in praise of Lord Anjaneya.

Bharadwaj said 16 artistes had worked for six-and-a-half hours to picturise a song that had been choreographed by Madan and Harini.

The film has been shot in Mallinathapura, Malavalli and Ramanagara. C V Shivashankar sought the blessings of people for the film.

Snehal Mantri of Mantri Developers said she is happy to encourage art and culture in the mall and added that she was interested in watching historical films.

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