annada film ‘Actor’ will run in multiplexes from the second week. It will continue its run in multiplexes after running into rough weather with multiplex chains who were not patronizing kannada films.

Multiplexes have been accused and caught offguard for playing dirty with Kannada films in preventing their screenings. Three Kannada films released last weekend – Actor, Bhale Jodi and Madhura Swapna faced problems that pertained to bookings made with multiplex chains. Bookings for these movies were either showing ‘full’ or ‘unavailable’ on the website of a ticket aggregator last weekend.

Actually, the shows were not running full and the people were unable to buy tickets. The shows of these films were then almost cancelled on the following day due to ‘lack of patronage’. Producers and distributors of these films and other films too took their complaints to the KFCC against the ticket aggregator and multiplexes and in turn the aggregator pointed fingers at the multiplexes.

Online booking of tickets for these films released last weekend was available on the website of the multiplexes but not from the aggregator. Producers and distributors say it is a deliberate attempt and a conspiracy to remove Kannada films from the screenings.

Producer K M Veeresh said multiplexes and ticket aggregators are trying to crush small budget films and films without big stars. It is said audiences were surprised when they had bought a ticket to see a watch a Kannada film but the multiplex started screening some Hindi movie instead.

Multiplex chains have now agreed to continue screening the films Actor, Bhale Jodi and Madhura Swapna in the days to come.

No pretensions, it is a good act: REVIEW
ery rarely do Sandalwood film makers go beyond the clichéd 'commercial' and 'art' movie formula to do what their hearts desired. Actor is one exception. The three principal characters in this film are actor Naveen Krishna, director Dayal Padmanabhan and producer KM Veeresh.

Naveen Krishna goes beyond what an actor, small or big, would reasonably accept to do as a movie character. Which other actor would have accepted to do a role of a failed film star? Three cheers to him for that.

Dayal Padmanabhan as a director has tried hard to experiment with ideas in his last few films. His last film, also with Naveen Krishna; Haggada Kone, was one such effort. With fewer characters; two to be precise, he manages to do a better film with Actor. There may not be any dramatic moments in Actor, but it is sure to make an impact on everyone who watches it.

Actor may not be categorised as a commercial film or an art film. It would be convenient to call it a bridge film. But in reality, it is a good film; the one which real connoisseurs of good cinema will appreciate. And no less credit should go to the producer Veeresh for backing this film.

There are two powerful performers in Naveen Krishna and Sihi Kahi Geetha. It is a treat to watch them perform. There is brilliant cinematography and a tight screenplay and narration. But these are just additional marks, beyond a film worth watching.

annada film ‘Actor’ was premiered at the Chamundeshwari Studio ahead of the release. Media persons and celebrities attended the show. Prominent among those who attended the premiere were Mohan, A G Sheshadri, Vatsala Mohan, Sihi Kahi Chandru and Sihi Kahi Geetha.  

Here are a few opinions from actors and directors who saw the movie. Nenapirali Prem said he came to watch the movie thinking that Actor is an offbeat film with a message. He said the movie is an eye-opener for actors who at one point of time or the other go through such a phase as is shown in the movie.

Sihi Kahi Chandru said he came to see the movie without any expectations but he was in for a pleasant surprise after seeing the movie. Director Mahesh Babu said it is intelligence of the director to engage the audiences with just two characters in the movie. Director Prem of Jogi fame said he was unable to think also of making such a movie.

Neethu said the film gave an initial impression that it would be intense and go negative but it belied her expectations. Shivadhwaj said he liked the background score and the dialogues. Maithreya Gowda said the film will not just appeal to actors but it will be applicable to other professions also. Roopa Iyer said the movie Actor touches our hearts.

Ramesh Aravind has aroused a lot of curiosity. Srinagara Kitty said the film should become successful and give Naveen Krishna new openings.

'Actor' was selected as one of the Kannada film entries for the recent Biffes ‘16 festival and is now being sent  to the national awards jury.

annada film ‘Actor’ starring Naveen Krishna will release on February 19 in about 50 to 60 theatres all over Karnataka. The distribution rights of the film have been acquired by Jayanna Combines. The film is produced by K M Veeresh  and is co-produced by Avinash Shetty and Dayal Padmanabhan. The film is directed by Dayal. Actor will release in Kapali, Bengaluru besides a host of multiplexes and a few single screen theatres.

Producer Veeresh said the film is not just the life of an actor but it is something that might have happened in everyone’s lives. If such events have not happened in someone’s life then it’s a wake up call for them to be careful, he said.

The film is not based on any single actor or does not resemble any particular actor’s life. But, the film turns the spotlight on how things change for the actor when he is on a downward spiral. The actor goes into depression following his failure and whether he comes out of it or not forms the interesting part of the story, Veeresh said.

He said every actor would have faced such a situation as is shown in the movie. Veeresh said the actor’s house plays an important character in the movie and that’s not all. The paraphernalia in the house also play an important character in the movie.

Veeresh said quoting veteran director Bhagwan as saying that the film should be bought by the government and reached out to all the nooks and corners of the state as the movie has a motivational dose for the audiences.

The film will be premiered on February 18, 2016 a day ahead of the release. 

‘Actor’, a Kannada film filmed in a single location with just characters and with a running time of 100 minutes will release on February 19 all over Karnataka. The film is produced by K M Veeresh and directed by Dayal Padmanabhan. The film stars Naveen Krishna and Sihi Kahi Geetha.

Producer Veeresh said he became ready to make the movie within minutes after Dayal had narrated two stories. He said he accepted one story and is happy that the cinema had shaped up well. Veeresh also expressed his eagerness to produce more films.

Music composer Gowtham Srivatsa said it was his fourth film with Dayal.

Naveen Krishna said after Haggada Kone he got an opportunity to act in Dayal’s film once again. He said he hadn’t seen the movie Actor so far. He said the role did not require any preparation and that the dialogues were written by him which was enough preparation to do the role.

He said Dayal had drawn a good performance from him and added that he may not be able to do another film such as this one in his life again.

Dayal said the producer had given him complete freedom to work in the movie. He said Naveen Krishna is a professional actor and was more intelligent than himself. He said he shared a good rapport and understanding with Naveen as he found the actor to be professionally and personally very close to him.

Dayal said at the scripting level there was one character but the script demanded two characters in the climax and that was how Sihi Kahi Geetha was brought on board.

Director Bhagwan said he liked the cinema’s concept as it dealt with the actor’s life who is in depression. He said the film had a message. Tiptur Raghu also spoke. Director Anand P Raju said properties had performed their roles in the movie and Gowtham’s background music was very good.

Sa Ra Govindu wished the team good luck. He said Actor is not an art film as it has all commercial elements. He praised Srinivasa Murthy for writing lyrics for a song and also appreciated Naveen Krishna’s commitment as an actor.

he official trailer of the forthcoming Kannada film ‘Actor’ starring Naveen Krishna and Sihi Kahi Geetha was launched on the Bigg Boss stage and beamed through Colors Kannada channel. The film Actor is being distributed by Jayanna and Bhogendra of Jayanna Combines and is scheduled for a release on February 19.

Producer Veeresh thanked Colors Kannada channel and Sudeep for providing the team of Actor a forum to launch the film's trailer officially.

The film is being produced by K M Veeresh and co-produced by Avinash Shetty and Dayal Padmanabhan. The film is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan. Gowtham Srivatsa has scored the music and Suresh Byrasandra is the cameraman.

he film ‘Actor’ produced by K M Veeresh under the banner Chitraloka Movies has been awarded a ‘U’ certificate by the censors. The film is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan and it stars Naveen Krishna and Sihi Kahi Geetha in key roles. The running time of the film is 100 minutes. Gowtham Srivatsa has scored the music and Suresh Byrasandra is the cinematographer. The film is expected to release in February 2016.

he shoot for the film ‘Actor’ has been completed and post-production work is in progress at a brisk pace. The film which stars Naveen Krishna in the lead and Sihi Kahi Geetha in a supporting role is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan and is produced by K M Veeresh.

According to Veeresh, the film has been edited and dubbing work has been completed. The film has reached the last stage of post-production work that includes special effects, re-recording and DTS sound mixing. Veeresh said the shoot for the film was completed in about 18-20 days that included more than the usual number of working hours. He said the movie had gone according to plan and added that director Dayal has stuck to his promised schedule. The post-production work is expected to be completed by December, he said.

Veeresh said actress Neethu, journalist Yathiraj and director Victory Vasu had dubbed for the movie. He said choreographer Tribhuvan had also dubbed, which was for the first time in his career.

The senior journalist and lensman who has now turned a film producer said Naveen Krishna had tonsured his head for his role in the film ‘Actor’ following in the footsteps of Vishnuvardhan and Sudeep who had similarly shaved off their heads for their roles in Muthina Haara and Huchcha respectively.

Veeresh said a new wig that resembled Naveen Krishna’s existing hairstyle had been readied before he could get his head shaved off as the actor had to report for another shoot. Veeresh said Naveen Krishna has now reported for work in A G Seshadri’s directorial film Karuna-Nidhi with the wig which will be difficult for audiences to distinguish.

Producer Veeresh also said they couldn’t employ the use of prosthetics (instead of tonsuring Naveen’s head) because the whole process was going to be time consuming, tedious and expensive.

he movie ‘Actor’ has a psychological thriller tone that could be categorized as a classic commercial cinema, according to the film’s director Dayal. He also said the film which has just two characters – Naveen Krishna and Sihikahi Geetha – is an artistic film and not an art film. He said 80 percent of the movie runs with just one character and the script demanded a motherly character for the remaining 20 percent of the movie. The movie will have a non-linear narration without defining that it is so, he said.

Dayal said the film has two songs both of which are situational. The first song is a number where the actor expresses frustration in Yakshagana form. Naveen Krishna will perform Yakshagana himself, he said. The second song is a motivational song.

Naveen Krishna said the film is not based on any individual actor. He said is representing a percentage of actors and added that the feelings are genuine with a fictitious presentation. Naveen Krishna who is playing the title role of ‘Actor’ said he is not acting in the movie but he is only behaving like one. He said no preparation was required for the role and what is required spontaneity.

Producer K M Veeresh said the shoot for the film is progressing briskly at a posh house in Bengaluru. He said as a producer he has no compromised at all. Veeresh said we have taken a huge house for the shoot as that is required for the film. He said the film will be shot in the house for about 10 to 12 days.

On the casting he said they couldn’t have cast a top star because of the subject and a good working combination between Naveen Krishna and director Dayal. Moreover, Naveen has penned the dialogues for the movie.

Prior to the commencement of the shoot, Veeresh said the team comprising himself and director Dayal met V Ravichandran and presented him a mug containing Charlie Chaplin’s sketch. Ravichandran presented the director and the team clapboard for the film.

annada film‘Actor’ mounted the sets on Monday at a temple in Bengaluru. The film marks senior journalist and lensman K M Veeresh’s foray into film production. Veeresh, who also owns Kannada cinema web portal chitraloka.com will produce the movie under the banner Chitraloka Movies. Dayal Padmanabhan will direct the movie. Avinash B Shetty and Dayal Padmanabhan will co-produce the movie.

Veeresh told reporters that the film is about the life of an actor who faces a lot of turmoil in his life as an actor. He said while there have been heroine oriented films made there have been no film on an actor’s life.

Veeresh said an actor sees a lot of people around him when he is successful but with failure he sees an upheaval in his life that is one of loneliness and mental stress. He said an actor may go into depression and face other mental disorders with failure. The film is about how and whether the  actor comes around to face the world.

The film ‘Actor’ will star Naveen Krishna and Sihikahi Geetha in lead roles. However, Veeresh  did not reveal details about the casting and Geetha’s role in the movie. He said the movie will have just two characters but categorically stated that ‘Actor’ will be purely a commercial film.

Gowtham Srivatsa will be scoring the music in the movie that will have two songs. Suresh Byrasandra will be the cinematographer and Raghunath will be the editor of the movie.

Dayal had directed Naveen Krishna in Haggada Kone, a film based on Parvathavani’s play. Naveen Krishna is himself penning the lyrics and the dialogues for the movie. Veeresh sad it was during the making of Haggada Kone that Dayal came up with a one line story of the film Actor.

Veeresh said the film ‘Actor’ will be shot in Bengaluru and added that he is eyeing a February 2016 release for the movie.

enior journalist and lensman K M Veeresh, who also owns web portal chitraloka.com is producing a new Kannada movie titled ‘Actor’. Veeresh will produce the film under the banner Chitraloka Movies. Avinash B Shetty and Dayal Padmanabhan will be co-producers of the movie.

The film will be directed by Dayal Padmanabhan and will star Naveen Krishna and Sihikahi Geetha in lead roles. The new movie will mount the sets on November 16. The film will have Gowtham Srivatsa scoring the music and Suresh Byrasandra working as the cinematographer. Raghunath will be the editor of the movie. Other details of the project are awaited.

Dayal had directed Naveen Krishna in Haggada Kone, a film based on Parvathavani’s play. Naveen Krishna is playing a strong role in the film ‘Actor’ and it is expected to give him a much needed impetus to his career. Naveen Krishna is himself penning the lyrics and the dialogues for the movie.

Veeresh had earlier co-produced another Kannada film Kaada Beladingalu. Veeresh has worked as the executive committee member of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

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