he audio of the film 'Avalucky' was released at a function in Bengaluru by Dr Prashanth, an ayurvedic doctor and a theatre person. Late Ismail Gonal has composed the music for the movie that has seven songs. The film has one janapada song, one ranga geethe and five other songs. The film is produced by R Poornima under the banner of Sankula Creative Arts. The film is written and directed by Ashok Nittur.

Director Ashok Nittur, who has also acted in the film, told reporters that the title reminds us of the famous friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudhama where beaten rice is used as a symbol of friendship. He said the title is relevant to the film. He said the film is based on the rich Indian culture and heritage and also focuses on a theatre group that faces problems.

Trained students of the institute are part of the film which has 2400 frames shot for it in the feature film category. Nittur, for whom Avalucky is also his first film as director, said the film is for children, youth and families. Nittur said the film throws light on how theatre is neglected. 

Dr Prashanth has written a song on teenage in the film. He said although he is interested in theatre and art, his medical practice has forced him to stay put in his clinic during the evenings. 

The film stars Master Srikrishna, Narayanaswamy, Ashok Nittur, Preethi, Suman, Divyashri, Varsha, Vishal, Shakti, Mahima, Hema, Martin, Prashanth, Manjunath Bhat Tumri, Shivananda Kota, Santhosh, J J Sharma, V Halappa and others. Srisatya has sung a song.

Umapathy is the cameraman. Nittur said at a point of time about 10,000 people have participated in the shoot on the sets making it a colourful frame. 

Srikrishna said he had learnt karate, dance and keyboard at the institute and added that he loved the chase sequence in the film.

V Manohar and V Halappa penned the lyrics. Shivakumar is editor. The film will release on December 23 in a few theatres. Arya Mourya Gowda is distributing the film.

‘Avalucky’ will release on December 23 all over Karnataka. The film is written and directed by Ashok Nittur and produced by R Poornima. The film is being distributed by Arya Mourya. Late Ismail Gonal has composed the music and Umapathy has handled the camera department.

The film has got a U certificate and is suitable for all ages. According to Ashok Nittur, the film is a must-watch for children and should be seen by youngsters which make it a family entertainer.

The film is about a boy who grows up in a slum but is in good company of his friends. The film turns the spotlight on how the boy despite all odds grows up to become a good citizen because of the good company he enjoys in his neighbourhood.

Ashok Nittur who is from Neenasam is debuting as a director and has employed children from his theatre cultural training institute. Avalucky is a culture-oriented film. Ashok Nittur feels that in the context of globalization culture and literature has been affected as life had turned into a mechanical and materialistic living.

Avalucky means the slum boy is lucky and at the same it has a message of Lord Krishna coming into help Sudhama with Avalakki. The film subject is based on a post-modern theater and is also based on a few real life incidents.

Ashok Nittur has introduced many new artistes, child artistes, new technicians and new singers with this movie. The film has been shot in Canon 7D camera.

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