vadhi, a Kannada film with a universal concept will release in about 35 theatres all over Karnataka on September 2. The film is produced and directed by Saikiran. The film stars Dr Raja Ranjit and Archana in lead roles and has Manjunath Gowda playing the villain. The film is being distributed by Vijay.

Producer-director Saikiran told reporters that Avadhi is a play of God and hoped that God will be with them during the next one or two weeks. He said the film got enough boost with Shivarajkumar launching the film’s trailer two days back.

Saikiran said Avadhi is a no-nonsense movie. Avadhi is destiny and is about good and bad times, he said. The director said there are no unnecessary songs or anything cheap. He said the film is a reflection of oneself. The film has got a U/A certificate because of the violence and the action sequences.

The Telugu version of the film Kathanam will be ready in about two to three months. The Kannada version has been made on a budget of Rs 95 lakh, he said.

Dr Raja Ranjit, a practicing Ayurvedic doctor in Hyderabad said his role has three shades – a blind guy, village boy and a surprise. He said he sports the look of a old man in the first song. He said there is a suffering and the hero earns the sympathy among the audiences.

Archana said she plays the role of a college-going girl who supports the hero in coming out of his woes.

Manjunath Gowda said he has two shades to his role as a villain – a 35-year-old man and an old man.   

vadhi, a thriller produced and directed by Saikiran celebrated the success of its audio with the media. The film stars Dr Ranjit and Archana in lead roles.

Dr Ranjit told reporters the audio released two months back has met with success as the music has gone places. He said the team has kicked off its publicity campaign and is ready to hit the screens in July. He also said the film’s hoardings have been put up in 171 bus stations across Karnataka. He said the film will go to the censors soon for certification.

Dr Ranjit said the film has been made in Telugu as Kathanam and remade into Kannada as Avadhi. Archana who is playing the female lead said Avadhi is an innovative film with a new concept and could be called a concept-oriented thriller film.

Director Saikiran said the film’s audio has reached far and wide in the digital format.

Sabu Varghese has scored the music and Arasu Anthare has penned the lyrics.

Manjunath Gowda who is playing the villain said producers import artistes from outside to play negative roles. But, he said producer Saikiran had signed him to play the villain in both the Telugu and Kannada versions of the film. He said he has two shades to his role in the film – a 28-year-old villain and an aged villain in the second half.

‘Avadhi’ has completed its shoot and will go to the censors soon. The film’s promo was also launched and a song clipping was shown. The film is produced and directed by Sai Kiran and it stars Dr Ranjit and Archana Rao in lead roles.

Sai Kiran told journalists that the film talks about the play of God in everyone’s lives. He said everything is created by God and He is the one who shapes up every man’s destiny. Sai Kiran said man cannot face God because He is the creator.

The film which was made in Telugu as Kathanam has been remade into Kannada as Avadhi by the same team. Sabu Varghese has scored the music.

Archana Rao who is playing the female lead said it was her second film after Mast Mohabbat. She said she played the second heroine in the film Mast Mohabbat and now she is playing the lead in a different film while maintaining secrecy about her role.

Dr Ranjit who is the playing the male lead and is an ayurvedic doctor said he wanted to pursue acting along with his profession. He said he was interested to act in films and that his dream had come true with the movie. Dr Ranjit said the concept of the movie is good.

Ramesh Bhat said he plays a doctor in the movie and appreciated the effort of educated people making movies. He said the team has passion and they need success and wished them good luck.

‘Avadhi’, a thriller produced and directed by Saikiran has completed 75 percent of the shoot. The film stars Ranjit and Archana in lead roles.

Ranjit told reporters on Wednesday that Avadhi which means between birth and death is a thriller. He said God had written a screenplay for everyone’s lives including myself. He said he has donned four different get-ups in the movie including that of a blind guy and a 10th class student.

Ranjit, who has practiced Ayurveda in Mysuru for nine years said the audio of the movie will be launched in October. The movie has been shot in Madikeri, Goa and Bengaluru.

Archana who is acting in her fourth film said the movie is a play between birth and death. She said she plays a girl who safeguards her guy. Manjunath who plays the villain said he has two shades to his role - a 27-year-old man and another that of a 45-year-old.

Suresh Konda is the cinematographer.

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