he team of Arivu released a book ahead of the film’s release scheduled for Jan 20 at a function in Bengaluru. The book was released by director P Sheshadri and senior journalist Jogi. A trailer of the film was also screened before the book release. Director Narendra Babu was also present on the occasion.

Arivu is directed by debutant Ranganatha and produced by Mahendra Manooth who is also playing the role of a teacher. The book Arivu has been written by Sosale Gangadhar.

Speaking on the occasion, Jogi said cinema and literature were hand-in-glove in the past but in the last decade no attention had been paid to literary works for making them into films. He said more remakes were hitting the theatres and no good films were being made. He said films will become richer if literary works are adopted and adapted to the silver screen.

Jogi said Parvathamma Rajkumar chose good novels for her films which became big hits. He said it was however difficult to make commercial films based on literary works. He expressed the confidence that Arivu will get recognition and money.

P Sheshadri said 25 percent of India’s population is uneducated and there is a need to educate them. He said the government had announced Rs 5 lakh for novel based films and there has been a plan to get this money by getting stories written for the films. He said out of 3,000 films only 800 films are based on stories.

Producer Mahendra said the film is about a poor student who doesn’t study properly and how his family suffers because of this. He said the film talks about the importance of education.

Sosale Gangadhar said his association with street plays helped him in writing this book. Director Ranganatha said the film’s storyboard got him this opportunity to direct while explaining the difficulties he faced to complete the film. 

he music of Kannada film Arivu along with the film’s trailer was released at a function in Bengaluru. The film is produced by Mahendra Munooth and directed by Ranganatha. Navaneeth has scored the music for the film which has five songs. Navaneeth said music is technically the first element that comes into a film. Satish Aryan has scored the background music.

Producer Munooth said Arivu is a film that is meant to create awareness about the importance of educating children and the problems faced by the kids who do not get educated. The producer appears in a small role as a retired school master.

Director Ranganatha said he has taken a few incidents that has happened in his own life. The film is about a school boy who misses his school and destroys a letter that comes to his father. The film is also a transformation of the boy that happens through a postman.

B M Giriraj has acted in the movie as a school master. Sosale Gangadhar has penned the lyrics for three songs. T S Nagabharana recalled the national award winning film Arivu made by Katte Ramachandra and hoped that the new film will also win laurels for the team and Kannada cinema.

Honnavalli Krishna who has acted as a postman in the film said producer is the Annadaata and that they were just actors. Ere Gowda of Thithi wished the team good luck.

Distributor Jack Manju said he is ready to release the film without expecting financial returns.

Producer Munooth said he plans to release the movie in August.

The film stars Varun, Chiranjeevi, Akshita, Samarth and Vikram among others.

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