new Kannada film titled Apple Cake mounted the sets this week. The film is being produced by Aravind Kumaragowda who is also playing a key role in the film. The film is being written and directed by Ranjith Kumaragowda who is also playing another important role in the film. A R Niranjan Babu is the cameraman and the film stars Shubharaksha, Chaitra Shetty, Goturi, Rangaswamy, Anjanappa and Krishna Anagi among others.

Director Ranjith told journalists that all the characters in the film are neglected and unwanted as all of them chase their dreams with the same goal but tread different paths. He said three characters in the film have two different shades who go together. Ranjith who has been part of street plays and who comes from a theatre background is directing his first film. He said the script and the concept are experimental. The film has three songs and two fights and will be shot in Mandya, Channapatna, Haveri, Bengaluru and Mangaluru. The director said the film goes on love, friendship and trust.

Producer Aravind said he hails from Channapatna but was raised in Bengaluru. He said he had earmarked Rs 1.5 crore as the film’s budget. Shankar said the subject is the hero of the film.

Shubha  Raksha said she plays a straight forward girl who doesn’t care about things. She said she is also working in a Hindi film titled Maa and has been working in a Telugu film.

Chaitra Shetty said she has been into theatre for the last two years and has acted in Kannada film Damki Damaar. She said she plays a village girl in a role that touches people’s hearts. She said she wanted to play such a character.  

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