Ravichandran expressed his disappointment over the manner in his latest release Apoorva was panned by reviewers. Speaking to a few journalists on the sidelines of Dancing Star 3 meet, he regretted that journalists did not see it as a movie but they wanted to see Ravichandran the star in it. He said it is sad that the media did not recognize the effort that went into the making of the film.

The showman of Kannada cinema said he does not have any regrets about doing Apoorva and was happy with whatever he did despite the cold response that the film got at the box-office. “I am not worried about the success or failure or the commercial aspect of the film. I knew the shortcomings and every detail of the film. The result has not come as a surprise,” he said.

He said he had made the film as per his inner thoughts and not to meet the expectations of people who were expecting a Ravichandran in the film. He said he could have done a commercial film easily and won plaudits for it. “But, my recent performances in films had probably made me think of doing something that is experimental and I am happy that I stuck to my decision and made Apoorva the way I wanted it to be,” he said.

avichandran’s eagerly awaited film Apoorva has finally hit the screen and it shows that the actor has come of age. Apoorva is a deglamourous film which is in some sense an anti-thesis of a Ravichandran starrer. Apoorva is truly a different kind of film and is an exemplary film as it gives the audiences enough time to settle down and even go home early.

Ravichandran has driven home a point that a man who is 61 and who desires a 19-year-old woman is bound to suffer.

Cinematographer Seetharam has picturised a majority of the scenes in the lift that has been created. His work is a stand-out and excellent as he has made the film look colourful. The film’s music is also pleasant.

A 61-year-old man and 19-year-old girl meet in the lift of a mall, where they are stuck in the midst of a terror attack. The two end up spending a few tense hours of their lives in a lift, where they are hiding from a terror attack in a mall. There is a host of emotions, which even translates to love at a point. It is a chance encounter for the two in the lift. They exchange a few questions and answers about life, death, its meaning and objectives and a few hours later, Apoorva professes her love for the man and he promptly reciprocates.  Is she in love because of the attack? Apoorva feels she is going to die and why not fall in love. But, she forgets after she gets rescued and introduces her boyfriend to the man. What does the 61-year-old do after this forms the rest of the story.

Sudeep and Ravishankar are seen briefly, but their voices, along with Prakash Rai's, play an important part through the course of the film. The film has the trademark Ravichandaran touch, when it comes to showcasing the new girl Apoorva.

annada cinema’s showman V Ravichandran’s eagerly awaited movie Apoorva is releasing in more than 175 theatres across Karnataka on May 27 with the support of Jayanna Combines. The film will run three shows in Anupama (Aparna) and a morning show in Kapali. V Ravichandran who has himself produced (under the Eswari Movies banner), written and directed the film held a special pooja of the film’s final version of the hard disc before the journalists.

Ravichandran told journalists in an informal chat that the film got delayed because it underwent a number of improvisations before the final version was cleared. He said there were no financial issues or any kind of confusion or lack of confidence. However, he said he did not work under any kind of pressure to release the movie. The film consumed time and there was no laziness or lax on his part, he said.

The showman said if he felt he could not work on any particular day during the post-production he would just pack up and go to bed. He said he experimented with a few things and succeeded in some and did not want to go ahead with some others.

He said he plays a 61-year old man in the movie who gets caught in a lift with a 19-year-old girl and falls in love with her. He said 90 minutes of the film’s story takes place in the lift. Ravichandran said it is an unconventional love story without philosophizing on love or matters of the heart. Apoorva is all about experience and innocence put together.

Kichcha Sudeep, Ravishankar, Prakash Rai have lent their voices which will lift the film up further, he said adding that the film is a perfect birthday gift for himself and his fans.

The film’s debutant heroine Apoorva who hails from Chikkamagaluru but a resident of Mysuru said she had mailed four of her photographs to Ravichandran who invited her for a screen test and a photo shoot. Ravichandran did not like the pictures that were shot with the make-up and he realized that the pictures sent by her were better. She said she was called again and a song shoot was done as if it was a shoot.

Apoorva who is doing her BCom said she learnt discipline and punctuality from Ravichandran sir. She said she wasn’t scared or petrified to act before the showman. Apoorva who somewhat resembles Ruchita Prasad and Anushree in looks said she gave up fear and started being herself before the camera.

Earlier, Ravichandran introduced his lieutenants Ramesh and Venkatesh whom he considered as his brothers. The pooja was conducted by Ravichandran’s wife Sumathi and the couple’s son and daughter. Ravichandran’s mother Pattammal was present. Music composer Gowtham Srivatsa was also present. 

Ravichandran will release the music album of his much-awaited film Apoorva from February 14 and hopes to release the film by the end of March.

Speaking to a well-known Kannada satellite news channel on Sunday evening, Ravichandran said starting February 14 one song a day will be released by a celebrity through a popular music channel.

Apoorva, a film that marks the grand entry of Ravichandran reunited with Lahari Audio after 25 years to release the film’s music album.

Ravichandran has created a sensation and curiosity as he has been saying that at least 60 percent of the film Apoorva has been shot inside a lift with just two characters; a 61-year-old Ravichandran and a 19-year-old newcomer Apoorva.

Ravichandran said Apoorva is a unique love story which will set a new benchmark in the Kannada film industry after his own films Premaloka and Ranadheera. “Apoorva can be compared with Premaloka in terms of song compositions and the colours that I have used to light up the frame,” he said.

Ravichandran also expressed confidence that the songs would touch people’s hearts which will be enough invitation for them to watch the movie. “I have given enough clues to the audiences about what they expect from Apoorva and I have taken the audiences into confidence,” he said.

He said he has also opened a Facebook page to reach out to his fans and the audiences for the first time with Apoorva. “I will be releasing at least 100 to 120 teasers on my Facebook account to generate curiosity and interest among the audiences,” he said.

Ravichandran plays an artist in the movie and Apoorva, a girl from Mysuru plays his love interest. The film has Sudeep playing a guest appearance, Vijay Raghavendra, Pavithra Lokesh and Ravishankar among others.

Seetharam is the cinematographer and Gowtham Srivatsa has sung all the songs in the movie. 

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