lone, a suspense thriller will release on November 27 in about 120 theatres all over Karnataka. The film stars Nikesha Patel, Vasistha, Iniya and Simran in key roles. The film is produced by Ananth and Ramalingaiah.

Director JKS told reporters that the film will have twists and turns every 10 minutes that evokes curiosity. He said Vasistha has been introduced to play the main lead adding that he will emerge as a mass hero.

He said Simran is staging a comeback into Kannada cinema after 18 years. He said Simran has supported the team and has done stunts without dupes. He said the team had used 8 to 10 cameras for night shoots. The Tamil version will release on December 4 and the Telugu version will release on December 11, JKS said.

Vasistha said Alone is a milestone in his four-year career. He said he had acted in about 10 to 12 films and this will be his fourth release. He said he is also overwhelmed that he is appearing in the film’s poster and trailer. Vasistha said Alone was a big platform to prove himself and that he never expected that it would be so big in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu together. He said the movie gave him an opportunity to act with two heroines, take part in song picturisation and be part of the set. He said the director and the heroines made it easy for him. However, he said story is the hero and the heroine of the movie.

Film publicist Nagendra Rao said Alone evokes a lot of curiosity among the audiences. He praised the producers for not compromising on the subject demanded and supported the director wholeheartedly.

lone has got a U certificate from the censors and is all set to hit the screens on November 27 across Karnataka. According to director JKS the film Alone will be the first horror film to get a U certificate from the censors without a single cut.

The film stars Nikesha Patel, Vasistha and Iniya in key roles while Simran is playing a super cop in her comeback film. The film is produced by Ramalingaiah and Anant. 

Director JKS said Alone is a thriller with four songs and Sujit Shetty has composed the music. The film is a journey of a girl who travels from Bengaluru to Mangaluru. One of the songs in the film has been picturised well in Charmudi Ghat. Another song has been picturised in Goa and another one in Mangaluru Beach.

rinagar Kitty released the audio of the film Alone at a function in Bengaluru on Tuesday evening. The film stars Nikesha Patel, Vasistha, Iniya and Simran in key roles. The film is produced by Ramalingaiah and Anant. The film is directed by JKS. 

Director JKS said Alone is a thriller with four songs and Sujit Shetty has composed the music. He said the film is a journey of a girl who travels from Bengaluru to Mangaluru. One of the songs in the film has been picturised well in Charmudi Ghat. Another song has been picturised in Goa and another one in Mangaluru Beach. 

He said the film is readying for an early October release. 

Producer Anant said songs were good to listen. Producer Ramalingaiah said the film has eight different characters and added that the team brought Sujit Shetty to compose music for a Kannada film after a long time. 

Music composer Sujit Shetty said the songs have a different feel because the movie is a thriller. He said the film opens with a scary song. He praised Shivu  Jamakhandi and Hrudaya Shiva for penning the lyrics. 

Vasistha said Alone will be a milestone film in his career. He said he had danced to a song for the first time which will remain in his memory for long. He thanked the director and heroine for making it easy for him. 

Nikesha Patel said the film has a good storyline and the songs were well picturised. Jennifer also spoke.

Trend Music of Chennai has debuted in Kannada cinema with the release of this album.

rilingual film Alone is all set to go for censor certification as the film has completed its shoot. The film is produced by Ananth and Ramalingaiah and directed by JKS. The film has Nikesha Patel, Vasistha and Iniya in lead roles. Simran is playing the role of a cop in a special role.

Producer Ananth told reporters that there were a number of special experiences during the shoot. He said the set of a house that was erected was full of positive energy which he said gave them confidence that the movie was progressing well and will do well.

Producer Ramalingaiah said the film has been shot in three states and the house near the Kapu Beach in Mangaluru was witness to some terrific scenes. Simran’s action sequences have exceeded expectations.

Nikesha Patel said it was her first thriller film. She said it is difficult to know the outcome until she saw it on the big screen. She said she played a young woman who undergoes a number of experiences. The film talks about women empowerment. She said most of the scenes were not tough but some scenes were tough to perform as she said she couldn’t relate to them in her personal life.

Vasistha said he is playing the lead for the first time. He said becoming a hero was now a reality as much as he was playing a multi-faceted and a multi-dimensional character with a lot of scope to perform.

Director JKS said the audiences can expect some scares every 10 minutes in the movie. He said that the movie will not lose the element of thrill till the end. He said he thought of casting Nikesha after seeing her in a song. After the initial reluctance and doubt Nikesha came into her own in the role, he said.

He said Simran has returned to Kannada cinema 18 years after Simhada Mari was released. He said Simran wanted a grand comeback and a good platform to reenter and thus agreed to do the film in 10 minutes after hearing the script.

Jai Anand as cinematographer never said no to whatever the director said, JKS said. The film has been shot in Charmudi Ghat and Hyderabad.  Srikanth is the editor.

The trailer of the film was also shown.

The film is titled Kariyoram in Tamil and Leela in Telugu.   

‘Shatru’ fame JKS directed ‘Alone’ had completed its first schedule of 30 days shooting. Some scenes of the movie were shot on the bank of kaapu beach and the rest in Chamundeshwari studio where the magnificent set was erected.

Addressing the media, JKS, director of the movie said, ‘This is the third movie of my career. This movie stands distinct compared to my earlier two movies. With this movie I’m proud to say that, we are introducing one more angry young man to sandalwood.’

‘Vashishta is debuting as hero from this movie and looks very raw with special character. He was very co-operative during the shooting and I’m sure he’ll prove himself by this movie’ he certified.

‘At the time of shooting we’ve used 6-7 cameras using helicam, jimmy zip, steady camera and Fx65 camera. This is the first time in Kannada cinema history that Fx65 camera is being used’ he told.

 ‘Alone is a thriller movie. The audience would get scared in the intermediates of the movie. Only two songs are there in the movie. We are planning to release the movie in the mid of January or February’ he added.

‘As per script demand we have erected a lone house set on the bank of Kaapu beach. Two heroines Nikisha Patel and Iniya were too co-operative and worked hard during the shooting at bank of kaapu beach where the temperature was around 360 C to 370 C. The movie will definitely turn out to be a distinct and special effort’ he expressed confidence.

Lauding the narrative skills of JKS, producer L.Ananthu said, ‘JKS is a hardworking director. I was very impressive with his way of narrative skills. The shooting was started on of 1st of September and JKS worked day and night without exhaustion to complete the first schedule of shooting. The movie has come out very well and sure it will win the hearts of audience.’

‘Heroine of the movie travels from Bengaluru to Kaapu beach. She stays in a lone house on the bank of Kaapu beach where strange and thrilling incidents occur. The movie is really come out fantastic’ Ramalingiah, another producer added.

Jai Anand, Cinematographer of the movie said, ‘this is my 16th movie. I’ve started my career from ‘Murali meets Meera’ where I shot 90 percent of the movie in night. But the experience of this movie is wonderful. Director JKS and I were very accurate about shots. If we were to shoot either sunset of sunrise, we use to shoot the same at appropriate time’ he said.

Vashishta, who is debuting as hero from this movie said, ‘I met JKS about three years back. He asked me to get ready to become a hero in our first meeting itself. Later on in these three years I’ve played anti hero characters in ‘Rajahuli’ and ‘Subramani’. With ‘Alone’ I’m debuting as hero which is damn thriller. Director JKS portrayed me extraordinarily in the movie. The character has got variety of shades where I seem like villain, play boy and lover boy.’

‘The visualization of movie is far better compared to the script which was narrated to me. Director JKS is a hard worker and he shot the movie day and night’ Nikisha patel said.

Iniya hails from kerala who is debuting as heroine to sandalwood said, ‘I’ve started my career in 4th standard as child artist. Then I acted in short films and dramas. Later on I turned as model. Till now I’ve acted 10 Tamil movies and 6 Malayalam movies. In this movie I’m playing Ramya character. She is very bold and powerful’ she said.
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nother suspense thriller Kannada film ‘Alone’ went on the floor in Kannada. Mangalore boy shining in Hindi cinema Sunil Shetty plays the cop in this film and this is debut in Kannada says JKS director of ‘Shatru and Subramani’ on his third film.

It is RJ Combines produced by Ananth and Ramalingaiah. In a traditional style the muhurut was held after Tulasi Pooje, Govu Pooje on the idol of Devi Bande Maakalamma at Gavipuram in Bangalore.

Producer Ananth from construction business makes his debut while Ramalingaiah is from food business. After hearing the story from director JKS they have given nod for direction. The film is made in Telugu, Tamil languages besides Kannada.

The heroine of the film is beautiful looking Nikisha Patel. Kamana Jethmalani is often visitor to the beach side house where the heroine lives in the development of seven days. There are six more characters in this thriller. There is lot of CG work for this film.  For every 10 minutes JKS wants to give a jerk to the audience in the theatre from this film ‘Alone’. This film will be shot in 40 days single schedule according to JKS.

Nikisha Patel will be looking very glam in this film. There are many unpredictable scenes in the film. Audience would not know what happens next. She has a pair but that is not yet decided. It is not a typical film. There are fantastic scenes to perform she says.

Sujith Shetty is scoring one song and background is very prominent in the film. Jai Anand is using a few cameras to capture the interior of a beach side house and exterior.

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