t is rather easy to kill an honest and an upright deputy commissioner. It’s a bit difficult to track down the culprits because they enjoy the support of top police brass. An inspector investigates the case and identifies the criminal.

Arjun comes from a poor family and rises up to become the deputy commissioner who helps people. Nobody can question his honesty, simplicity and integrity. Arjun uses his authority to help people so much so that he loses his life. There’s an inquiry that is being tried to scuttle by the higher authorities. Inspector Abhi succeeds in getting to the bottom. At a time when Arjun is about to get married he falls prey to the mining mafia.

Director Raju Devasandra has succeeded in living up to the film’s tagline that says the movie is a tragedy story of an honest officer. It is also a pity that he longs for a conversation with his lady love. Inspector’s characterization is good.

Karthik Shetty as the deputy commissioner and Raj as the inspector make the right noises in the movie. Mythriya Gowda not only looks glamourous but has also acted well and done justice to her role. Producer Venkatesh has also acted well in the movie.

V Manohar’s music and Nandakumar’s camerawork are adequate and adds quality to the movie.

The first day first show at Movieland talkies had the hero and heroine coming to the theatre with a number of autorickshaws making a beeline to the cinema hall.

annada film Akshathe will release in about 80 theatres all over Karnataka on July 22. The film is produced by Venkatesh and Sanjeev Shetty and directed by Raju Devasandra. The film stars Karthik Shetty and Mythreyi Gowda in lead roles. Raj is playing a cop in the film. Ramesh Babu of Likith Films is distributing the film.

The film is inspired by late IAS officer D K Ravi’s story although the director claims that the film’s story was written before the officer’s death. The director also says the officer’s death has nothing to do with the film.

Karthik Shetty plays an honest IAS officer. Mythreyi Gowda plays the daughter of a big family and the film revolves around her marriage.

V Manohar has scored the music. The film has Kuri Ranga, Michael Madhu and Raju Talikote in the cast.

annada film Akshathe is ready for release. The film is produced by Venkatesh and Sanjeev Shetty. The film is directed by Raju Devasandra. The film stars Karthik Shetty and Maithreyi Gowda in lead roles while Raj is shown in a strict police officer’s role.

Producer Venkatesh told journalists that he plans to release the film on July 15 or July 29 while thanking his team and the media for the support he got for the film. Ramesh Babu of Likhith Films is distributing the film.

Director Raju Devasandra said the film is inspired by late IAS officer D K Ravi’s story but his death and events that led to his exit from the world have nothing to do with the film.

Karthik Shetty who celebrated his birthday said he plays an honest IAS officer and the story is about what happens after he comes to Bengaluru. He said the film has good action and has a message for society.

Maithreyi Gowda said Akshathe is a special film for her as she got the offer to act in the movie when she was beset with personal problems. She said she was in a dilemma whether to continue acting in movies but now she said she is serious about it. She said she is also doing a Hindi film and has done a special guest song appearance in NH4.

She said she plays a daughter of a big family who is an inspiration for the hero.She said D K Ravi’s personal life was not touched in the film. She said the film revolves around a marriage and whether the film ends in marriage or not should be left to be seen by the audiences. She said the hero and heroine are childhood friends in the movie.

V Manohar has scored the music. He apologised to the producer for not attending the audio release function as he was busy acting in a Tulu film.

Kuri Ranga has played the hero’s friend and is seen in a comic role. Michael Madhu plays an auto driver who will be seen with Raju Talikote in the movie.

embers of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce were present in large numbers for the release of the audio CD of Akshathe. The film is produced by Sanjeev Shetty and Venkatesh. Raju Devasandra who has worked as V Manohar’s associate is the director of the film. Incidentally, V Manohar has scored the music for the film which has five songs. V Manohar has himself penned the lyrics for all the songs. Raju said he had taken half the remuneration for the film.

The film stars Maithreya Gowda, Karthik, Raj Surya and Nurse Jayalakshmi in key roles. Karthik plays the role of a deputy commissioner while Raj Surya plays a cop. Raj Surya said he was disappointed that he was not shown the songs of the movie. Nurse Jayalakshmi plays a  domestic helper in the movie.

Maithreya Gowda said the songs had been picturised well. She thanked the producer and director for giving her the opportunity and thanked the media for the support in making her a well-known name in the industry.

Two songs of the film were shown and the film’s trailer was also launched.

he film Akshathe had its muhurta on Thursday morning at the Freedom Park in Bengaluru. The film has generated enough media interest for two reasons. One, the movie is rumoured to be based on upright IAS officer D K Ravi’s life and career. Two, model-actress Mythriya who was in the eye of controversy that pertained to her personal life which was closely linked to politics has been signed to play the lead which has a similar name but a different person Karthik Shetty in the lead.

Mythriya Gowda told reporters that she was in a dilemma for a long time on whether she wanted to continue acting in movies but decided when she heard the script. She said she is playing a full length heroine in the film with real life incidents woven into the subject even before efficient officer Ravi’s untimely demise. “People may not believe that this script was ready much before Ravi’s incident and that it is a publicity gimmick. I believe it is a special film for me,” she said.

She plays an innocent girl who is a Gowda’s daughter in the movie and added that the whole story revolves her marriage. The most interesting aspect is whether she gets married or not is revealed in the end.

Karthik Shetty who is playing the lead and an IAS officer in the movie said he had been busy doing Marathi films and that kept him away from Kannada cinema. He said he is playing such a role for the first time.

Raj who acted in Sanchari said his character complements Karthik Shetty’s character and helps the officer in his tirade against bad elements.

Director Raju Devasandra said the film will be shot in Bengaluru and Kulu Manali.

The film is produced by Venkatesh and Sanjeev Shetty. V Manohar has scored the music and M V Nandakumar is the cinematographer.

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