he audio of the Kannada film ‘Aasuchabu’, an acronym for Aakasha Surya Chandra Bhumi was released at a function in Bengaluru on Tuesday. The film that focuses on protecting our environment and forests is directed by S L Manjunath and is produced by Vijaya Bhaskar and D K Govind. Shankar Babu and Auto Shivaraj are the co-producers. Raj Bhaskar has scored the music for the movie which has two songs. C S Satish and Maruthi are the cinematographers. The film has just two characters played by Lakshman and D K Govind.  

Director Manjunath said it is difficult for man to exist without these four elements – earth, moon, sun and sky. He said man should understand its value and what our nature is giving us and what we should give it back. He said there is a need to protect our environment. He said the film focuses on environmental issue with just two characters who are at play separately without specifying the details or the story. He said nature is talking to us and that is what the film tries to show.  

The film has been shot in Madikeri, Kushalnagar, Mini Abbey falls, Bengaluru and near Tumakuru.  

M N Suresh (Moogu) said the title is confusing but added that it is a sincere effort. He said such story-oriented films should be encouraged. Kavitha Lankesh said there is a lot of awareness that needs to be created about the environment and what we should do to protect it. She said plastic has become a menace and water is being wasted which is why there is a need to show what it means for our next generation.  

Pallakki Radhakrishna said steps should be taken to grow more trees. Suresh Heblikar said there is little or no awareness about environment protection. 

Bailahongal Maharishi Swamiji said trees do speak to one another at midnight under moonlight. He said there is a need to save trees and conserve forests.

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