ilm-maker A M R Ramesh launched another reality-based film Aasphota, after Cyanide and Attahasa. This time he has turned his attention on the hunt for former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s killers, a case that was cracked within 90 days of his assassination. The film is being produced by S Indumathi, Manju Kuppa and Shankar Nallathamby.

Former CBI director and SIT chief D R Karthikeyan launched the film’s teaser and formally handed over all the documents and material pertaining to Rajiv Gandhi’s murder that shook the country 25 years ago.

Speaking on the occasion, Karthikeyan said Ramesh has taken up a challenge of making a film on Rajiv Gandhi’s murder and hunt for the killers. He said terrorism is a bigger threat in today’s age and recounted the investigation period. He appealed to the director not to distort facts but said he was free to have some cinematic liberties.

Retired police officer R Ramalingam who was the police commissioner of Bengaluru at the time of Sivarasan’s killing in Konenakunte said the murderers of Rajiv Gandhi had nowhere to hide in the country but get caught in Bengaluru.

Gopal B Hosur, another retired police officer appreciated Ramesh’s zeal and enthusiasm in showing police in their real avatar.

Former DGP Kuchanna Srinivasan said Ramesh had shown him the script every time he made a film with the police force forming the backdrop of his film.

Later, director Ramesh who also celebrated his birthday told reporters that he had investigated and researched on the subject for 20 years as a investigative journalist would do and not just as a film-maker. He said Aasphota will chronicle the happenings of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination from May 1, 1991 until the killing of Sivarasan’s gang in August 1991 including the leader’s murder on May 21, 1991. He said he had visited eight to ten countries for his research on the subject. He said he has formally finished the pre-production work for the movie and will begin shoot in November.

He said the team has planned a 70-day shooting schedule in locales of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Ramesh said the film will be shot in four languages – Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. He said he is in talks with artistes to play roles and had not finalized all the credits. Ratnavelu or Vijay Melton are expected to handle the camera based on the availability of their dates, he said.

Ramesh said he was comfortable with making realistic genre of films as there are other film-makers who are better in doing the other kind of films. He said every effort has been made to present all angles of the story and added that Aasphota will not be a one-sided drama. He said the film will be shot in real locations. Sandeep Chowta will be scoring the background music.

Suseendran of the LTTE cadre who has served a prison term was also present along with Ranganath who gave shelter to Sivarasan’s gang at his home in Puttenahalli, Bengaluru.

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