wenty days into the shoot, Kannada crime thriller ‘Aaghata’ has completed 60 percent of its shoot in Mysuru and surrounding locations. The film is produced by G P Prakash, a land developer in Mysuru and co-produced by Shivaji who is also the film’s production in-charge. Aaghata is directed by Zoom Ravi. The film stars Aravind Rao, Mandya Ramesh, Yathiraj, Shilpa and Kuri Bond Ranga in key roles. Shivaji is playing the role of a villain in the film. Purandar will be scoring the music and Raj Kadur is the cameraman.

Director Zoom Ravi told visiting journalists in Mysuru on Thursday that the film despite being a thriller has no fights, no songs and no item numbers. He said the film is about an incident that happens within a family. There are three deaths in the film and whether they are murders is what will be investigated, he said. Aravind Rao plays the investigating police officer while Yathiraj plays the second investigating officer. The director said the film will have a touch of horror. The film will be completed in a single 45-day schedule.

Aravind Rao said he is playing a cop yet again which he didn’t want to do again and again. But, he said there are a series of deaths that lead to the investigation and the script seemed interesting. The film is about a cop investigates a murder which has different dimensions for an actor to perform. He said he is hopeful that this role will add another feather to his cap. He said he was fortunate with a spontaneous actor like Mandya Ramesh. He said he plays the main lead in the film who has no heroine.

Yathiraj said he personally doesn’t believe in superstitions, ghost and black magic. He said he doesn’t come with his senior investigating officer to probe the case. He said he plays an important role in the film and that is of another investigating officer.

Mandya Ramesh said he was curious to know about the other details of the film. He said he was glad that the film is being shot in Mysuru which is closer to his home. He said he plays a watchman in a PG hostel and works in an inebriated state.

Producer Prakash said he never thought he would get into film production so early although there was intent to make movies. He said he liked the story and so he agreed to produce it with a budget of Rs 1 crore.

Kuri Ranga said there is a good understanding between director and production team thanks to co-producer. He said he plays a jolly police constable who is doing small chores all the time. Shilpa said Aaghata is her 27th film and she plays a Malayali woman Bindu Chechi who runs a PG hostel.

The film also introduces a number of new girls Preksha, Preethi, Vajra, Sujatha, Ashwini, Meenakshi among others.

Co-producer Shivaji said the film will complete shoot by mid-march and the team hopes to release the movie during the month of May.

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