annada film 6ne Milee was launched in Bengaluru on Wednesday morning. The film is produced by a neurosurgeon Dr B S Shailesh Kumar who is taking a break from his profession to make this movie. He is also the AICC co-ordinator in the state. The film is written and directed by Seeni (Srinivas Gowda) with Sanchari Vijay playing the lead role. Sai Kiran is scoring the music and Paramesh is the cameraman. RJ Sudesh will be making his appearance first time on screen and RJ Nethra will also be seen in the film.

Director Seeni told reporters that the film is a thriller and has based it on two experiences. He said however the film is fictitious story-wise. The film is about trekkers who reach a point in the Western Ghats terrain and go missing. The film is about where do these trekkers go and will they return?

The director will be shot in Bengaluru, Western Ghats near Sirsi and Yellapur and in Kerala. The film will have reverse screenplay in the second half and it will have no songs except for a title promotional track.

Producer Dr Shailesh said the film’s story has interesting twists and turns that will keep the audiences engaged every minute. The film will also make people think as the story connects loose ends from the first half to the second half.

Sanchari Vijay said he plays a trekker in the movie without divulging more details. He said the team goes missing and do they return is what the story is all about.

RJ Nethra said she couldn’t devote time to do movies after her Bigg Boss stint. But, she said when director Seeni called her she went to meet him to say no. She said after listening to the script she said she would make time to be part of this film.

Shantala who has taken a break from her IT job as a recruiter in the US said she plays a different role in a different story. She said she was part of theatre during her stay in Bengaluru until recently.

RJ Sudesh said he had a magical belief that films would become his calling one day after interviewing many stars on his show. He said he is excited about his role and that it is vital in the film without disclosing details.

Cameraman Paramesh said he would now have to become a trekker himself for this film. He said he is still involved in theatre doing acting and backstage activities. 

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